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Can anyone recommend a children's medical information book/game which includes some information on the liver?

My daughter is 5 and has Alagilles Syndrome. She doesn't like to talk about her poorly liver much which is fine and we go at her pace. But we wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a children's medical information book/game which might be good to have around for her to flick through if she fancies.

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Hi. The Usborne "See Inside Your Body" is a good lift-the-flap book, with a different body system on each double page spread (eg heart and lungs, bones and muscles etc). It is presented in a fun way and is accurate too. The liver is a small part of the book but I think it's a really good introduction to the workings of the body. Our son (4 this year) loves it - though he doesn't like talking about his liver much either and tends to skip over that bit of the book! All in their own time... :)


Thank you Sarah100!! I'll check it out. There is also a publication/magazine/resource called "How your body works". There is a 110cm skeleton to collect and build and it looks like organs to put inside too which all looks like fun. Considering buying it but can't comment on quality yet. Thank you!



Have you picked up the Alagille syndrome leaflet from the CLDF? It is full of facts about the condition and explains what is likely to happen and why. You can read it as a parent and it will help you explain some of the symptons your child may have and why it is happening. You could contact CLDF to check out what child friendly material they have but I found this leaflet helpful when my daughter and I have our little chats. She is 7 now.


Thank you. Yeah we have this leaflet and it is handy for info but wanted something less directly about her and more general as something to pick up casually and perhaps spark some curiosity without too much focus on the liver/alagilles. Just an idea.


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