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Hi my son is suffering with Alagile syndrome since last almost 10months,is there is any way out to cure this disease?

i been running pillar to post almost met all the renowned doctors across India as i belong to mumbai,have also send across his reports to AIMS delhi but nothing seems to be working till now,he is getting treated currently in mumbai,but neverthless unable to understand how will this get cured completly as its very difficult as a father of a little child to see him itching and with lack of sleep,although he is behaving like a normal kid but still his growth pattern with respect to other peers looks compeltely different,can someone help me out is there any theraphy across countries to get this disease completely cured and make him normal

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I'm sorry but no there is no known cure for alagilles however there are a lot of effective medications being used for the itch and also biliary diversion surgery.there is also a new drug being trialed in the uk just now is very hopeful that its the breakthrough for the itch that we have all been looking for. So there is hope but no wonder drug or quick fix I'm afraid .


Thank you for your post. The link below contains information on Alagille syndrome in accordance with standard UK health regulations and treatments. We hope that you find this helpful.


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