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Anyone heard of clusters of BA?

Hello guys,

My daughter was born with BA 3 years ago in our local hospital. She is nearly 3 years old and 2.5 years post transplant, oh and she is fantastic :)

Obviously at first we were consumed with the desire to know what caused it but it has kind of faded with time, recently the question is bothering me a lot again as I've heard of at least 2 other babies born since her with BA in the same hospital. Given that they deliver ~5500 babies a year it seems quite a high rate. At least 3 in 17,000 compared to the 1 in 17,000 we were told is the norm. I know the cause is unknown but it seems really strange to me, just wondered if anyone else has heard of similar clusters?

Many thanks


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Don't know really, but they might now go for 10 years with no cases at all which would bring the odds down. Just a thought. So glad to hear she's dong well!


Hi there, shortly after I was diagnosed in 1982 we discovered that another girl at the same doctor's surgery had BA too! Quite a coincidence given the low rate across the country...


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