norovirus fear

I have a facebook account, & just lately Iv`e been reading nothing but posts from people catching this bug, & graphic descriptions of how ill they were, how many times they threw up etc. This sort of thig is really scary for someone like me who would practically rather die than be sick because it`s just about the most disgusting thing that can happen to anyone. I always carry anti-emetics wherever I go, & although I haven`t caught a stomach bug since I was 17, I keep wondering if this is the year my luck will run out. I have heard that it`s impossible to keep from throwing up with this bug, I don`t know if that`s true, & people saying stuff like that just adds to my unease. I`m very careful about handwashing & all that, but what I really want to know is, has anyone on this site had norovirus & managed not to be sick?


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  • There are no.t very virus's where you are not sick and it is a small price to pay to help rid yourself of the virus. I know it is not pleasant but I would guess you have been pretty lucky with your health. I have not and am presently trying to get over a nasty dose of pleurisy as well as having kidney disease, osteo arthritis and many other things. I would consider a little sickness a great relief if they would rid me of anything else.

  • Emetophobia is a common condition, and it might be worth asking your GP if you can have some help with this. In the meantime, scrupulous food hygiene and hand hygiene will help to prevent these viruses and other bugs.

  • i am currently just getting over this bug.I work as a nurse within the elderly units. I have been completely frantic about hand washing and washing clothes and bedding at 60 degrees however was working within a unit were 16 clients had contracted the bug. I kept thinking 'not me' as i was finishing my shift yesterday morning i started to feel sick and before i knew i was stuck to the toilet with a sick bowl in hand with projectile from both ends, this went on for about 4 and a half hours, stomach cramps came after that which were just horrendous!!! i am now just 24 hours from last episode and feeling so much better. To answer your question.. NO you have no choice in the vomiting or any of the other. Just hope and pray you don't catch it.

  • Iv`e heard that there are anti-emetics that can stop vomiting whatever the cause, so I`m not going to be defeatist & just accept it. I`m determined to be in control of my body, & I won`t allow myself to vomit full stop! Iv`e become quite good at preventing myself from being sick over the years, & I haven`t thrown up for 16 years. I`m determined not to break that record!

  • Vomiting is not inevitable, you just have to find a strong anti-emetic, one that`s effective against viruses.

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