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Successful Consultation

In contrast to DakCB-UK's post a month ago I have just had a successful visit to the Lipid Clinic. I was dreading this one as I haven't been taking any medication since January and last time I went I had a heated disagreement with the consultant over misdiagnosis and conflicting information about genetic testing .

Anyway, TC has shot up to 8.3 and LDL 5.3 and I've put on half a stone..but I am happy because I have a definite medical condition ( Familial Combined Hyperlipidaemia) which I have finally got into my thick head probably needs treating.

Very nice consultant who actually listened to my tales of woe about side effects and who thought compromising on levels to avoid side effects was perfectly reasonable. Anyway, now going to try a very small dose of pravastatin 20mg and then increase gradually . Seahorse, I will let you know how the pravastatin goes. Deepblue might be interested to know that my triglycerides were actually OK , just over 1.

The pravastatin leaflet says that it shouldn't be given to children who have not reached puberty. Sorry for information overload.

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Thats great Aliwally, hope things go well for you with the new statin.


Hi Aliwally - got quite excited when I heard you are starting on pravastatin! Keep me posted. Also reconfirms my feelings about keeping my kids off statins til after puberty and that is one of the less potent statins.


Thank you everybody. I'm going back in 3 months to see how things are going.

Husband has kindly posted photo of me from 2 years ago (at my thinnest) as a screensaver to "inspire me".

What is it about men that makes them so thoughtful....perhaps the atmosphere on that other planet they come from!


Good luck Aliwally!


Thank you. Seahorse, further down the pravastatin leaflet is a section for children with FH.

Usual dose for children between 8-13 is 10-20mg (low dose) increasing to 10-40mg between 14 and 18.

I think the other section of the leaflet referred to children without FH.


Glad you had some progress at your consultation and good luck with the pravastatin.


Thanks DakCB-UK.

Now that I am talking to husband again, I realise his tactics were probably right. With me, it's the extra nibble of cheese, the half open Easter egg, the kindly offered biscuit at work, and wham there's half a stone added. I've done it before and I will lose it again...but it's hard.


Thank you Linda. My blood glucose also went up in proportion to my weight gain, and is now 6.3 which has tipped me over the "normal" range. This is another incentive to lose weight as I do not want diabetes as well.


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