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Is Cholesterol lifelong disease?

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Is cholesterol a condition or a disease?

The contents of the red fluid in human body?

How to control the numbers in the red liquid?

How long will it take, very long time?

Will it take the length of life time?

Take care.

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There are two forms of cholesterol. One the body makes itself which we have no control over and the other which we consume. We can do a lot to maintain or reduce cholesterol in our bodies by way of diet and exercise and the reduced intake of saturated fats. There are also medications available as well as herbal remedies which aim to reduce cholesterol.

I believe high levels of cholesterol can also be hereditary - are there family members with inherited heart disease issues in the family?

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rameshadhikari in reply to Mistydawn

No hereditary with high cholesterol in my family. I am taking Rosuvastatin Medicine to reduce my LDL and Triglycerides. I have a side effects medicine on it with fatigue, low blood pressure and weakness. I would like to go herbal remedies. Please let me know about herbal remedies.

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Cholesterol is not a disease, it at best indicates something is wrong in the body. It rises when there is something that needs healing, and for a lot of people it may indicate you have high inflammation (often caused by a high carbohydrate diet) or an injury or a virus, lots and lots of things raise cholesterol for good reasons ; it is part of the immune response. this explains it well.

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Total cholesterol has lipid components therefor medication like station reduces total cholesterol, lipid components, the end result is lipid components come down.

How does this work :

"I am taking Rosuvastatin Medicine to reduce my LDL and Triglycerides. " ???

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rameshadhikari in reply to sandybrown

I am also taking Rosuvastatin medicine to lower LDL and Triglycerides but it has side effects like weakness, less immunity power and low blood pressure. I think Simvastatin medicine has lower side effects compared to Rosuvastatin

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