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PLEASE Explain These Findings To Me ?* Stunned & Confused.

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Hello my friends. I have been on this "super healthy diet" for 2 years now. Completely changed ALL my eating habits to everything I was told to do. No Cheating at all.

I go to have a full blood work checkup. I knew ALL my numbers just had to be great.

But I was shocked !* It's like a bad dream. This is my results for "totally eating healthy & becoming a health nut"....

A1C..... HIGH > 5.7

LDL...... HIGH > 113

HDL..... LOW > 35


What ?* They ALL Where Better 2 Years Ago !* This Is STUNNING To Me.

How Can This Be ?*

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Please provide precise particulars of the diet with respect to a) percentage of low GI carbs b) high GI carbs particularly sucrose (“sugar”) c) the number of meals per day d) the time intervals between e) the intensity and duration of any exercise you might be taking


What is the total cholesterol now?

What was your A1C and total cholesterol two years ago?

The lipids numbers are calculated using a man made formula!

The blood test numbers can be confusing, you work hard on diet and look for a lower number but the numbers are increased. WHY?

Do you have have thyroid problems? What were your test results BEFORE you started your health nut diet?

Sadly you can not out exercise or out eat your genes … but Im interested to see info about test 2 yrs ago.

Cholesterol is produced in your liver ready for distribution around the body. When you have low thyroid hormones the liver can become sluggish and be one of the causes of raised cholesterol. Have you had your thyroid correctly tested ?

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