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Foods that lower cholesterol

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It seems to be always the same mantra that you must be overweight if you have high cholesterol, if you lose weight you won't have high cholesterol. Not everyone who has high cholesterol is overweight.

Hilarious this. I eat oats for breakfast. Gorge on apples, grapes and almonds and cook all my food in extra virgin olive oil. My Cholesterol is still 6.35. Some of us are just predisposed to having high cholesterol.

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karmel in reply to Curlyman83

Yes, some of us are predisposed to having high cholesterol but this is never considered. It is assumed if you have high cholesterol you are overweight, not having a healthy diet, eating loads of processed foods. and not already eating cholesterol lowering foods. I watched the video and noted it related to studies done in 2007 and 2008 surely there is more up-to-date studies.