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what do people know about apple cider vinegar. !

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Read the pinned post to the right side of the page - 'How I Conquered Heart Disease and What I Learned in the Process'. That is my post.

A plant-based diet with lots of legumes, blueberries, and blackberries will lower your cholesterol.

However, understand that cholesterol is a by-product of an inflammatory state in your body.

A healthy diet and daily exercise reduces inflammation and so the body naturally produces less cholesterol.

Cholesterol is necessary for your body to function. Cholesterol is not the enemy, the underlying inflammatory condition is.

By sticking to a good diet and daily exercise - you will lose weight.

It will rot your teeth if you drink it every day. Use a straw.... It is an Alkaline...

It can reduce blood pressure.

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I dont have blood pressure .its just a general question .I wont take owt without me grilling ppl about stuff first. lol

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You can read up on it on-line. It is advised to use the one with the Mother ... As you are Hypo you may have low stomach acid so the ACV will help create a better environment for digestion ...

There are various unsubstantiated claims about it promoting weight loss, and improving glucose and cholesterol levels. Apparently it is good for treating fungal nails.

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I read those... thought I'd ask about it

Apple cider vinegar is good in salad with olive oil in small quantity.

Good for Baking, dandruff, warts, skin problems, lowering glucose level, salads when taking it internally or externally must be diluted.

And drink some water thereafter as you wont have problems with your teeth.

Can be taken in capsule form.

google on the net for benefits of apple cider vinegar.

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cheers sweetie