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Am I safe after stopping Stark's?

I used to have high lipid history since 4 years. Like TC 250, TG 270, HDL 44, LDL 170. With 5 mg daily Rosuvastatins, I'll have normal lipid profile. But I have history as below:

2 or 3 months daily Rosuvastatins 5mg (though doctors prescribed 20 mg), and stopping it for next 2 or 3 month. After stopping it, lipid do increased. Again re-starting it and cycle goes like this. I do have controlled lipid profile even when I had alternate day of taking Rosuvastatins 5 mg. I used to take home made health food, green tea etc.

My diet and life style was normal food diet mostly vegeterian, 5 -7 cigarette per week, beer/whisky: 2 or 3 days per week, 45 minutes simple exercise.

All test like stress test, echo, ECG were normal.

NOW, since 1 month, I quitted all habits like smoking, drinking. I am now vegeterian. I do 5 days per week exercise of 1 hour. I am 41 years, 177 cm tall and 80 kg. All test are normal except lipid profile. I made my mind not to take statins anymore. I started taking more fruits and green leafs along with heart friendly nuts. So the question is will my lipid comes normal after 2/3 months? What to do if it does not come normal & am I safe?

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My experience was that no matter what I did I needed to stay on the statins. I've been told that they help make the existing plaques more stable not just lower the ldl.


Saturated fat increases stability, and increases HDL as well as LDL. It's still outlawed because total cholesterol tends to increase of course, but since the LDL are larger particle sizes this theory is flawed (as is the whole cholesterol theory).

Actually, after a couple of million years of evolution I tend to think our body, left to its own devices, knows what is best for us. Body fat you see is 57% MUFA, 40% SFA, 3% EFAs.

It's the glycaemic/insulin load we need to control to prevent plaque formation.


Congratulations on quitting smoking - it is the biggest step forward you can take to reduce your risk of heart disease. An increase in vegetables is also a big step forward. It is safe to consume 2-3 meals per week of fish such as - salmon, trout or arctic char. You can also have 2 meals per week of lean chicken breast.

If you wish to get your cholesterol down further here are the 3 biggest things you can do next:

- start the Linus Pauling Therapy - 6,000 mg Vitamin C, 6,000 mg Lysine, 2,000 mg Proline;

- eliminate sugar and simple carbohydrates from your diet - these are white flour products such as white pasta, white bread, white pizza dough, and other simple carbs such as white rice, and white potatoes. Also eliminate all soft drinks (including diet drinks) as well as fruit juices. Eating whole fruits is fine. Avoid all packaged foods they tend to have hidden sugars and salt.

- Increase your intake of fiber - beans, lentils, chick peas (here is a website where you can get some recipes - ricardocuisine.com/en/recip...

Other good sources of fiber are fruits such as blueberries, apples and oranges - eat one or two of those daily with blueberries being the most important.

Buy a high fiber cereal that is low in sugar and have a small bowl with 1/3 of a cup, and add a little almond milk and a half cup of fresh blueberries - I use Post 100% All-Bran and eat this just before bedtime:


To efficiently get a high dose of vitamin C try the liposomal version of it - more info here:

livonlabs.com/ - they also have distributors in Europe and the U.K.

You can have 1 glass of red wine per day (no more than 5 oz).

You can read about my journey from triple bypass to good health and cholesterol values here: healthunlocked.com/user/sos007

Good luck. If you need anything else you can message me privately.


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