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Are My Numbers Horrible?

I was on statins 9 years ago and they caused debilitating muscle pains. When I switched doctors, my new doctor ordered a nuclear stress test, cardiac calcium test, c-reactive protein & NMR LipoProfile. Stress test was normal, cardiac calcium score was zero, c-reactive protein normal, but my NMR showed Type B pattern profile. My PCP felt I didn't need to be taking a statin & could make diet/exercise changes. He's retired and my new PCP ran a lipid test & he told me the results were "horrible" and I needed to take a statin, regardless of the testing results and the side effects. Here are the results:

Total Cholesterol 259 (100-199)

Triglycerides 167 (0-149)

HDL 53 (>39)

LDL 173 (0-99)

VLDL 33 (5-40)

I'm 67 (F) and take a blood thinner (Eliquis) and suffered side effects from being on Xarelto, including kidney decline. My creatinine has recovered since stopping Xarelto and my eGFR is in the 60's again, but it does fluctuate. I cannot tolerate the side effects of a statin. I'm otherwise healthy and take Vitamin D.

I'm curious about what success others have had with diet, supplements, etc. instead of taking a statin. Thanks, in advance.

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Try life style change, this is a slow process!, as we age blood test numbers do increase.

Please ask your doctor if the blood test numbers for 67 year old person is compared to the national blood test numbers.

I had a 12-lead stress test, the consultant did not find any thing different. I am controlling my blood test numbers (high) by food intake control and regular exercise.

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That's a great point. I'll ask about comparisons by age. Hoping I can do the same as you've done with diet/exercise. I was totally un-disciplined before & let myself go. I have 30 lbs. to lose, as well.


Just recently--the last 2 weeks--I've changed my diet and started to exercise. I'm doing more plant-based, whole foods, Mediterranean with no red meat or sugar. No more margaritas on Friday nights with Mexican food--I had one glass of red wine for the first time in 2 weeks over the weekend. I exercise at least 5 days a week and do weights 3 times a week. Fingers crossed my getting serious will make a difference. I AM feeling better with lots of energy.

I got great advice from one of the Ambassadors I messaged here on supplements, lifestyle changes, etc. I'm following his recommendations now. Fingers crossed I can keep it going as I realize that it's my only option to avoid more problems in the future.

My Vitamin D was a little low at 28 (ref range, >30), because I wasn't taking it daily due to the horrendous side effects from Xarelto and my kidney issues. I'm back on 2,000 iu's daily now. I'm guessing I will need to get my doctor's OK to add Vitamin C, as well. He will not be happy I'm refusing the statin.


My Vitamin D is not "very low" according to my doctor. The reference range is 30.0-100.0 (ng/mL) and my number is 28.1, just below normal. Typically, when I am taking 2,000 iu's daily, it runs about 59.


I would advise to stop the statin ASAP. Statins are dangerous, because they interfere with crucial processes inside your body. Specifically, they block the production by the liver of certain nutrients that the body needs. Hence the muscle pains- the muscles need an enzyme called CoQ10 which is blocked by statins.

Also, I am convinced the whole cholesterol hypothesis is false. The body needs cholesterol, and it needs to be lowered only in very rare and specific cases. Hope this helps, good luck!


I'm not taking the statin. I refused the prescription and I agree with you! I've even seen studies that say older people live longer with higher cholesterol. It's as if the body knows how much cholesterol we need. The problem is inflammation, as I understand it from my research. I'm now reading the "Big Cholesterol Myth" and learning as much as I can. Thanks for the reply and good wishes!


Good for you, and thank you!


And a worthwhile read about cholesterol:

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Thank you!

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Read my pinned post to the right side of the page: 'How I conquered heart disease and what I have learned in the process'.

Good luck.


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