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Taking pravastatin hate it, cholesterol total is 180 , went up 30 points in a year , 4 bypass going on 4 years need something natural need help I am Hispanic , u know what we eat hate statin pill

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Use it with arjuna and ashwagandha herb... Wonderful results for cardiovascular system.


Cholesterol is a substance our body generates to repair damaged cells. Cells are damaged due to a number of reasons, one of which is an 'inflammatory diet and lifestyle'.

If you wish to get off of statin medications, then you must accept the fact that you have to address the underlying cause of your medical condition - low-grade internal inflammation.

An inflammatory diet is one that contains sugar in any of its forms including honey and agave. Many if not all packaged foods contain high levels of sugar (look for words ending in 'ose' or 'itol') - this includes tomato ketchup and bottled tomato sauce. You'll be surprised how many packaged foods contain hidden sugars.

Watch this video from the TV program 60 minutes:

The body effectively converts simple carbohydrate foods into a form of sugar. Examples of such foods are white flour products such as white bread, pizza dough, and pasta. It also includes white rice and white potatoes. Other simple carbohydrates includes fruit juices, the sugar in soft-drinks and alcohol. It is very easy to ingest vast amounts of simple carbohydrates through drinks. Obviously, desserts are full of sugar and should be systematically avoided.

Fried foods are inflammatory because the oil becomes oxidated during the cooking process. Oxidated oils and inflammatory foods damage your arteries and cause the build up of plaque. This plaque can break off causing a blood clot which can trigger a stroke or fatal heart attack. Plaque can also accumulate and restrict blood flow causing you have shortness of breath and angina (chest pain).

An inflammatory lifestyle is one which is generally sedentary. To be healthy, a person needs to take a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes each day, 7 days per week. Brisk means like you're rushing to catch a bus, not meandering with your dog.

In the meantime, a natural cholesterol suppressant is high doses of vitamin C. Vitamin C is not toxic, even in extremely high doses. As long as you have normal iron levels in your blood stream - you can take high doses of vitamin C with impunity. Research has shown that optimal levels depend on your state of health and body size. In general, somewhere between 4,000 and 20,000 mg per day.

I had a triple bypass in March 2015 and after 9 months on a cocktail of medications including statins, I reformed by diet and lifestyle, lost 40 lbs and gradually stopped taking all medications over the following 10 months. I then learned about the health benefits of various vitamins, most important of all, vitamin C.

There is documented evidence that vitamin C and LDL cholesterol are inversely related.

If you take 3 x 1,000 mg tablets each day, one tablet 15 minutes before each meal, and do this on a consistent basis, your LDL level should drop by about 15% in 4 weeks. I monitor my blood work every 3 months and have seen the impact, which in my case was about a 17% drop.

This is not a temporary process - it is permanent. Vitamin C aids the body in producing collagen, which is an alternative repair mechanism for damaged blood vessels, in place of cholesterol. Vitamin C in general will allow you to remain healthy and keep your immune system strong. The amino acid 'Lysine' must also be taken at the same time in the same dosage.

You can read about the Pauling Therapy to reverse heart disease here:


You can read about my journey from bypass to great health here:

Remember that you must also modify your diet to a whole foods, plant-based diet. This means making food from fresh ingredients and avoiding buying packaged foods. It means loading up on vegetables and legumes and minimizing animal proteins. Your body only needs 3 oz. of animal protein per day, preferably chicken or fish. Red meat such as beef, pork, lamb or veal should only be eaten once every couple of weeks. Red meats raise uric acid levels and for some people can raise iron in their blood to unhealthy levels.

If you like to drink, choose red wine - limited to 1 5 oz. glass per day. Water is ideal to eat with your food, but if you find it boring, buy sparkling water and squirt some lemon juice into it.

I was on 30 mg of Crestor, the most potent of all statin drugs. I came off of it in October 2016. All of the side-effects I had, disappeared.

You can read the rest of my posts here:

Good luck.


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