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Well diabetic type2 for last 3 years seems since last blood test nearly 3 months ago appears cholesterol bit hight been prescribed atorvastatin 20 mg never took it worry about side effect recently blood test showed even higher cholest GP prescribed now. 40 mg dose so do i have to tell gp never took it last 2 months when prescribed and try to start then with 20 mg dose just too worry about taking statin and by the way i am 60 thanks

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1. How are you controlling your type 2?, Any medication?

2. Do you know the lipid, cholesterol blood test numbers?

Some time type 2 medication can bring on high cholesterol for some people!!

Food and drinks intake control, watching out for free sugar and hidden sugar in food and drinks can help, regular exercise can also help towards a healthy life.

Quantity of food, portion control and also low carb high fat food can help. Please get a referral from your GP to discuss your food with a food specialist.

On the subject of statin medication, you need to look at the cholesterol numbers and decide but a life style change may be the first option.

denpassar in reply to sandybrown

Thx for your reply used to take 3 times a day 500 mg metformin but have been reduced to once a day means managing to control my diabet gp just spoke to me on phone about my cholesterol going higher since last blood test he just mentioned a number 6.3 dont know what it is ...am not taking at all that statin afraid of side effects but gp thinking am taking it increased from 20 mg to 40 mg

sandybrown in reply to denpassar

The number 6.3 refers to total cholesterol, there are others, LDL,HDL and many more. Please ask your GP for three months of life style change to control your type 2 and total cholesterol. This can be achieved on a diet and portion control. Give it a try.

Some people have no side effect to statin, if you get sided effect you can ask your GP to try a different brand of statin.

Life style change, food and drinks intake control and regular exercise as mentioned before can help towards a better health.

you can ask your GP for a QRISK or JBS2 rick analysis. This can help you to work towards a goal. When blood tests are carried out the GP practice can give you a print out of the blood test results for you to keep, please ask for a copy of your blood test results.

You can ask you GP for a referral to discuss your medication and side effect if you are not happy with your GP's answers to your questions.

denpassar in reply to sandybrown

Will look at that thank you

I take them no side effects.

tabatha2 in reply to Andyman

Wow you are so lucky! Don't know anyone who has no side effects on any statin

Andyman in reply to tabatha2

There are millions of takers who are like me.

sandylo in reply to Andyman

You are so lucky then

Hi Denpassar,

It would help if you'd post your Cholesterol and Lipid results with the associated lab reference ranges which you'll find next to each result, written in brackets.

Your lab results are your data, and you are legally entitled to ask and get a copy of your lab results with the reference ranges.

Do you also have your thyroid results for FT3, FT4, TSH? The thyroid is very interrelated with the regulation of cholesterol and lipids. In the old days a very high cholesterol and lipids was known to be an indicater of low thyroid function. Unfortunately, most GPs and hospital consultants have lost this knowledge and now merely stare at a screen and type.

The 'Thyroid UK' forum on Health Unlocked is good for posting thyroid results and getting feedback. In the meantime, here's the first part of a four part video by Dr Mark Starr.


Dr R. Bernstein is a diabetic and has been specialising in treating diabetics for about fifty years since his forties. According to him, approx 97 people out of 100 people that consult him, have Low thyroid function which was neither diagnosed nor treated by any previous doctor.

denpassar in reply to Londinium

Thank you for your post very interesting

Londinium in reply to denpassar

You're welcome.

Here's Dr Bernstein's video re diabetes and thyroid.


You need to tell your doctor you have decided not to take your medication and why otherwise he/she will think it is not working and keep increasing the dose. My doctor is being very supportive of my decision after I presented him with 3 pages of research and reasons for stopping my statins. I am also 60 so I feel I can make my own decisions about my health and lifestyle.

sandybrown in reply to msjones20

How are you controlling your cholesterol, if it is high?

msjones20 in reply to sandybrown

Joined Unislim for weight loss, cut out wine (temporarily!) no sugar

This is some stuff I copied from the internet I have it stuck on the kitchen wall

1. Olives and Olive oil (high in calories)

•Swap extra-virgin olive oil for all your other oils and fats when cooking

•Use the oil in salad dressings, sauces

•Sprinkle chopped olives on salads or add them to soups,

2. Beans, legumes, lentils

Canned beans contain about half as much folate as cooked dry beans

3. Whole grains

Whole grains, Have at least two servings per day.

•Porridge for breakfast,

•100 percent whole-grain bread at lunch,

•Brown rice at dinner.

4. High-fibre fruit

Prunes, apples, and pears, can boost HDL levels and lower LDL levels.

•Slice them up and stir them into cereal or oatmeal,

• throw them into your blender and create a smoothie

• Mid-afternoon snack or after dinner.

6. Flax and Chia

Ground flaxseeds, chia and flaxseed oil contain omega-3 fatty acids. They’re one of the better plant-based sources of this heart-healthy fat.

Adding chia seeds to your diet may help increase HDL levels, lower LDL levels, and decrease blood pressure.

•sprinkled into your morning cereal, oatmeal, salads, dips, or yogurt,

•add to baking

•Add oil to salad dressings or smoothies.

7. Nuts (high in fibre and calories)

Brazil nuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts etc.

Contain plant sterols which block the absorption of cholesterol

•Eat an ounce or two for a snack or incorporate them into meals.

•Green beans with almonds

9. Avocado (high in folate, a healthy monounsaturated fat.)

Boosts HDL, lowers LDL, filled with fiber, which naturally helps keep cholesterol in check.

•Add slices of avocado to salads, soups, chilli’s, or sandwiches.


•Avocado and vinegar

10. Soy

•Steamed, unsalted edamame.

• Edamame Spread is a healty dip option for a party or gathering.


11. Red wine (at last something good)

1 glass per day raises HDL

However, red wine shouldn’t be consumed if you also have high triglycerides.

This one worries me. Obviously 40mg could possibly have double the side effects of 20mg. I suggest you tell your doctor you haven't taken the originals and that you would prefer to go back onto that original dosage which you WILL try for a limited period. Ask to have your checks done again in three months. By then you should be well aware of any side effects and you could find the 20mg has produced the needed correction. If so you can forget the 40mg.

This doesn't mean you should stay on statins forever but is worth doing this just to test the effects on your body so you know your options.

Never took it?? 90% of recurrant complications post diagnosis are due to fools who think they know better than their doctors and dont take their prescribed medicines. Sorry to be blunt mate... but you must always follow the advice and always take your medicine. Maybe my advice will help you in the end

sandybrown in reply to arty_sax

Sir, we all have our opinion. Having said this, yes doctors do know best with experience, doctors can and do make mistakes!

It is up to every individual to read the documentation on any medication before taking the medication and questioning the medication.

From my experience on antihistamine medication I can write this, my GP gave me antihistamine medication the side effect is very real as to my allergy!

My GP could not understand it even though the book explained it all very clearly. I am here to write my experience. We all see it in the news and also read in the news papers, (story).

Only when it happens to you it is real!

denpassar in reply to sandybrown

Thank you all for been so kind that said i started tonight to take my old dosage of 20 mg and see how it goes for next coming 2 months then will get another check will as well pay a vist to my gp and tell him the truth just hope this will work for the best

I was prescribed that tablet 20 mg but it reacted badly with my Amlopidine blood pressure tablet and I could have slept all day with the reaction so stopped taking it and asked to see the Pharmacist at the doctors surgery who has since prescribed Simvastatin 10mg but as I know I react badly to high doses I have broken the tablet in half to see how I react - so far so good - but I also am on a low fat diet

sandybrown in reply to pillaton

Simvastatin Dosage:

Applies to the following strength(s): 80 mg ; 5 mg ; 10 mg ; 20 mg ; 40 mg

Please discuss your medication with your GP and may be a Pharmacists?

Some medications are not allowed to be cut to 1/2 quantity !!!!!

When you cut any medication you can destroy the medication release over a time period!

Low fat food, think again? There are a lot of information on the Internet on food.

I have followed a number of medical freelearn course over the last four years to be able to comment, before any one ask the question "Are you a doctor?"

denpassar in reply to sandybrown

Well started the med so far 24h seems ok will update thx

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