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You should know that Coq10 minimizes the side effects of statins. I faced the dilemma of taking a statin and initially had muscle pain. However, after takin Coq10, the side effects went away. Once a doubter, I think that taking a statin is very important for my heart health. I am a 70 yr. old male who has done competitive swimming, triathlons(40-50) and marathons( 2 full marathons and 4 half marathons). Still did not prevent coronary artery blckage. It is genetic.

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Hi William. I agree. I'm a 54 year old male and have been very active playing sport and regularly exercising all my life. My blood pressure has been normal and my weight has been around 11 stone 3 pound (71 kilograms). My total cholesterol has been regularly checked and was always in the range 4.2 to 4.9. My diet has been based around plant foods with the occasional fish or poultry. Never smoked and only drink alcohol on special occasions. Yet, I had 90% heart artery blockages last year and stents fitted. My mother, her sister and her brother all had similar heart problems. My cardiologist told me my artery condition was probably unavoidable. Genetic factors appear to be extremely important in developing artery blockages.

I have been taking high dose statins and don't feel I have any side effects.


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