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Hello all,

Joined this forum after finding it whilst searching google for some information on

Statins..... great reading your posts, best answers i have been given after being on statins for 6 years,

Was on Lipitor for 5 and half of those years, then changed because of price, ( i have to pay for my medications ) and have had lots of muscle problems particularly in the one shoulder and a little in the other..

What exactly are good numbers for HDL LDL and a friend mentioned type A and type B LDL..... are there any articles i can read up on this ....

I take 20 mg of statins and 8 mg of candesartan per day ( Atacand by Astra )

thanks, great to join here


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Cost of statin varies in small number on the lower side of cost, OK there are very expensive statin as well, if one stain agrees with you then changing may cause problems!

You doctor or a specialist offer better advice on different type of statin.

Lipid levels there are international numbers and international units for each country.

Google is the best place to look for lipid numbers.

When was your last blood test for BP, blood glucose and blood cholesterol and test result numbers?

Life style change and regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.

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There is an NHS site about hear age. If you answer their questions you can find out what you ratio is, I.e. bad cholesterol balanced by good. Mine was 3.2, normal, but GP told me I should go on statins. Wouldn't tell me which, or side effects. My GP brother also said it was normal. You need to know your bp too.

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