Statins and side effects

Hi I have been told that both my shoulders are frozen due to a side effect from Atorvastatin and could take 18 months to 3 years to get my movement back to my shoulders and upper arms.. I was put on 80mg after a heart attack last October. Has anyone had problems with joint or muscle problems after using this. I have been taken off the statins for 3 months now, Get results of my recent cholesterol test tomorrow.


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  • Was on the above for over a month, not a nice experience, once I started taking them I started to get back to normal, took me as long to get back to my old self.

  • I had a frozen shoulder which started last October. Was told the same. Had physio which was a waste of time. Did some research and came a across a new treatment

    hydrodilatation. Had the treatment in February and the pain went away straight away. Still had frozen shoulder but it got better every day until now it is almost back to normal. Needed a week off work to rest it. If you are told they wont do it until its frozen then that is nonsense, the sooner its done the sooner you get better. My consultant told me the earlier its caught the better.

    Ask your doctor to refer you for this treatment – he may or may not have heard about it. I went private but the NHS does do it, a friend of mine had it done. They inject a fluid into your shoulder which lifts the adhesions of your shoulder. Feels a bit strange and heavy but not painful.

    Google it. But this is the gist of it. Let me know how you get on.

  • thanks will look into it.

  • Just had my cholesterol results 8.5. (despite rigorous low cholesterol dieting!)

    dr wants me to take simvastatin 40mg daily. had another steriod injection in one of my shoulders. different doctor this time who injected in a different area of my shoulder. worried about taking the statins though:(

  • Then dont take them.

    Go back to your doc and tell him to find you something else or send you to a dietitian and fitness coach.

  • The steriod injections dont work

  • I had a frozen shoulder,one was really painfull,the other less extreme, I was told this could happen due to being diabetic,


    It took about 18 months to get better,during that time I did some exercise,just raising my arm up and down,nothing hetic,eventually I could raise my arms a little higher,

    I was told it can happen to both shoulders,it did take time,disapearing very very slowly,I think my own basic movements did help.

  • Would you believe, a friend of mine was prescribed marijuana for this "frozen shoulder" caused by Atorvistatin. And "gasp! Surprise, surprise the pain was gone." Yep, no. Just stop talking Ator... She swore her family member, who is a doctor told her to take it. Infuriating! I told her, do you want quality of life or quantity of life?

  • I was prescribed statins after a heart attack. They discovered i had FH along with high blood pressure. I suffered terrible muscle and memory problems. My GP prescibed six different statins all to no avail. He informed me to take a statin holiday of six months because apparently this is how long it takes to get them out of your system. During this time my Chol levels were monitored. I was much better after this time muscle and memory wise and he informed me i was statin intolerant and prescribed fenofibrate. To date this drug coupled with a strict diet and lifestyle has kept my LDL and Trig levels within the recommended guidelines. Good luck.

  • What is FH? How long did you take cholesterol medicine for? I was on them for 3 year and now been off for 3 months but I do t few any different. Just wanted another opinion.

  • FH is familial hyperlipidaemia. Basically, hereditary cholesterolaemia. I was taking statins for approx 3 years. In that time i tried six different statins, all had the same negative side effects.....being muscle pain and memory loss. My GP informed me that when i stopped taking statins it would be at least 6 months before they were out of my system and he could not guarantee that the side effects would disappear. This is the case. I am not as bad as when i was on statins but do feel the negative side effects have not entirely gone. Apparently i am what is known as statin resistant. Apparently numerous people are. Hope this helps. Sorry for delayed reply.

  • Apologies. Apparently the correct definition is "Statin In tolerant"......

  • How long have you been off and how much better do you feel?

  • I have been off statins about 3 years now. I now take prescribed fenofibrates and keep a tight control on my diet and lifestyle(exercise). I have never smoked and have always had an active lifestyle both at work and play. I like a drink at weekends and on holiday but now drink red wines rich in flavonoids. I definitely feel better than i did when taking statins and wish i had stopped taking them sooner.

  • My dr pushed them so much and I tried 3 different kinds. It was a neurologist that suggested I had cholesterol lowering agent myopathy and told me to stop taking them. I just want to feel better and I'm worried that I don't feel that different, but I never felt like this before! I don't smoke or drink either!

  • Well I went from Simviatatin to Crestor, to Lipitor for 2 years. Then when my doctor changed to Atorvistatin. If not for a pharmist who warned me of serious side effects. I would have continued to suffer in silence. I started experiencing shoulder pain and memory loss.

    After stopping Atorvistatin, I no longer have shoulder pain. (Previously diagnosed as frozen shoulder, "old person diesease".) I do have significant muscle loss and strange enough I used my son's shake weight and it is rebuilding my muscles and I have greater range of motion.

  • Frozen shoulder gone now after 3 steroid injections. Am now on 10mg pravastatin.

  • yes my shoulder has yet to recover. been maybe 6 months. all joints became painful and inflamed with statins, went off but shoulder is still a mess and hurts, how long will this go on ???

  • I had both shoulders frozen could take up to 18 months, luckily I finally got relief from a course of steroid injections. Changed statins but only take quarter dose at mo cos one of my shoulders aching bad again now.

  • Which one do you take now

  • Pravastatin was on atovastatin

  • Vitamin D blood test should also be undertaken to accurately establish your current Vit D level. Musculo-skeletal pain etc is worsened if Vit D level is less than optimal/ideal.

    The following statement was signed by approx. 50 researchers/scientists/clinicians who in August 2015 recommended: "Vitamin D serum levels between 40 and 60 nanograms/milliliter (i.e. 100 - 150 nanomoles/liter)".

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