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I am 76 years old male from Canada over the past ten years I had 5 stents a a abnominal aortic anurism repair in feb 15 2014 30 days later mars 16 2014 i had a hiliac bypass I have blocked arteries pretty bad my circulation in my legs and feet where so bad cold feet legs and back pain had to walk with a walker slow and pain full every step of the way

I was put on atorvastin 40 from 20 mg for 2 weeks so side effects then on atorvastin 80 mg again no side effect

4 days into the programm no more pain I can walk with out a walker or a cane

a month ago I could not walk ten feet with out pain my feet hurt could not stand a pair of shoes it don't sound real but I know my body iv lived in it 76 years

I do take other meds like gabapanten 2700 mg a day for neurotic pain but not much releif over past 7 years I feel energized I walk 1/4 mile a day virtualy pain free

I hope its a combination of meds was tired of going from one hospital bed to the next

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Statin as a secondary medication (after any heart problems) is necessary so the cardiologists say. Statin side effect varies from person to person. Consult you doctor to try different statin that may help you. Healthy eating, food intake control and regular exercise can help towards healthy life style.

A relation of mine who is 86 takes a combination of medication every day after heat valve replacement surgery and stomach cancer surgery and enjoying healthy life style wit six small meals a day.

Good luck in getting different station that may help you.


Have you established the cause of your cardiovascular illness?


my parents had arteros cleros id had the condition for past 15 years i had stents my family had history of heart desease i followed diets but i often go off god knows the real reeason but now i feel fine looks like artovastin is helping me i dont think its in my head i know my body i dont look for adversewr efects i know what some find but i feel good


Very pleased to hear your good news re: use of atorvastin.

I'm 53 and had stents fitted a short while ago.

Now ... I'm ideal weight, have an extremely healthy diet (largely based on Plant Nutrition), my cholesterol has averged 4.2 (with good HDL/LDL ratios), I've never smoked, I have been very active, I do not have diabetes, my blood pressure averages 120/70 and I only have one glass of wine per week.

I can not see any lifestyle changes that I could have made, yet I still have Atherosclerosis.

Since I started taking Statins my bad cholesterol has dropped significantly. LDL = 1.5, HDL = 1.2 Total = 2.7 and the HDL/LDL ratio is even better than is was.

It's all very well posters banging on about the evil Statins and the benefits of changing your lifestyle instead ..... but some of us have no choice and Statins (plus other medication) work for us. I had pains in my right arm and both sides of my neck which have all gone since I started taking Statins.

I hope you continue to improve.


`How lovely to hear a good news story. So pleased for you ioio.


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