CHanging Times

Now the pendulum is swinging back to de-demonise saturated fat and questioning the role of statins and health, heres a couple of snippets to consider:

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  • Mike,

    Thank you for the links. No thanks to lowering cholesterol!.

    I wonder what will be the view from HU?

    Work on food intake control, eat fresh food and veg, no processed food, regular exercise cane give you a better healthy life.

  • 11 hours ago reply did not show!

  • Interesting links, thanks. Think I read something last week about coffee intake and prevention of dementia, re lessening brain plaques & "tangles". Guess you have to weigh up the potential for increased BP and palpitations! Every week advice changes and there doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency. Moderation in all things best I guess!

  • Today's video link post on food and cancer support this. Lard and butter for cooking and other Italian foods.

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