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Higher range of Uric Acid and heel Bone Pain

Greater-than-normal levels of uric acid (hyperuricemia) may be due to:



•Chemotherapy-related side effects


•Excessive exercise


•Hypoparathyroidism (calcium factor)

•Lead poisoning


•Medullary cystic kidney disease


•Polycythemia vera

•Purine-rich diet

•Renal failure

I have mine 6.7 and heel bone pain.Which factor is cause for the excess of my Uric Acid

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I get pain in my left big toe! this has been happening in the last four years, very difficult to walk.

The last one was February this year, lasted for four weeks. There were many suggestions as I was in a place were there were many doctors! Went to the local clinic had blood tested, elevated URIC Acid?. In the UK GP gave me antibiotics for 7 days when I had the problems, same over seas as well.

As this is a repeat problem when is the next one? Trying to avoid food and drinks that can elevate Uric Acid. I do regular exercise but when it happens I had proper shoes than casual shoes and have been going up and down underground stations in London to attend meetings.! As I am retired now only time will tell. Some times I get pain on my right middle finger. If I can prevent it happening again I will but do not know how to go about?

Have asked for x-ray and a scan of big toe, so far nothing, may be the next time.


What medication do you take and how long does it last?

Did you ever have MRI scan or X-Ray to check it? Thanks.


Good after noon Bala.I have got x-rayed but it would be checked by Dr. On Friday.However I am taking daily one tablet of FEBUXOSTAT-80mg.I have also indication of Sugar as well.

Thank you and looking forward for your suggestion


will be looking forward to your doctors comment on the x-ray. I am afraid I have no suggestions!. In my case my toe pain lasted 4 weeks in February, this is because I did not rest, was busy on daily bus and UG trips. My GP may look at some other options of checking next time, so far antibiotics and rest cleared the big toe pain problem.


I am trying to avoid all acidic foods.Acid in body is a play ground for cancer.Acidic foods also produces uric acid.Purine rich foods also are the source of uric Acids.To day I put my foot in moderate warm water containing oil,salt and Alum.I also take little "jawain".It is alkaline and neutelize acid of body.There is a PH-SCALE of Acid and BASE.OUR BLOOD should remain slightly acidic but not too much acidic.If our blood becomes slightly alka line it would cause death


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