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Statins safe as sweeties!

On the back with the 'statins are safe' reassurances from NICE this week comes todays Sunday Express:

'Statins can double the risk of breast cancer'.

That clarifies the the debate and I post for your edification!

Here's the latest take of a leading cholesterol/ statin sceptic (sceptic is rather lame in this circumstance and this author).

For my part taking a brutal chemical sledgehammer to monkey about with an exquisite biological process refined over 2 million years is a little crude.

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I was under the impression that sweets were VERY bad for you . All that sugar and calories!


I saw this Mike and was going to post , glad you did.

Seems it's like one step forward and two steps back


Why can NICE not see the reality?

Assessing the side effects people are reporting - and the ones I experienced - statins do accelerate the aging process:- weakening of muscles, loss of memory, hair thinning etc.

It does not really take a 'rocket scientist' to make those connections, does it?

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Let's hope that the great majority of the British public will take matters into their own hands, do their research and refuse to take powerful medication for life for very little benefit.

I absolutely deplore these new guidelines, I think they are wrong and in some cases, downright dangerous.


never mind what the papers say........Satins really screwed up my muscles. FACT.


It may take law suits to change NICE's stance.

I understand that some people on this site consider it 'mean' to sue the NHS, but, every medical person working within the NHS is well insured via a clinical negligence policy.

Procedures have started in the US already, and it will be a matter of time till they start over here.

It probably will take the insurance companies to 'twist' NICE in the right direction by refusing to insure against irresponsible statins prescription in the future.


I was having a pint with folks in my local last week and the subject of Statins came up. I said I'd told my doctor I wouldn't take them while I felt fit and active. Two of my companions looked totally askance at me and said they'd been taking them for years with no side effects (both in mid to late 50's). When I asked if they'd done any research on the medication they said no need as whatever the GP said was good enough for them. Ho-hum! Ignorance is bliss I guess.


Whitelocke, many people do not realise that statins are doing harm to them, because the side effects may build up gradually.

I was prescribed a low dose of statins in 2006; in 2008 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I did 'write off' my decreased interest in 'basically' anything with getting older.

I am grateful that I was prescribed a higher dosage of statins sometime in 2013, which accelerated the side effects. My cholesterol level at that time was 4.4, which my GP, according to the guidelines she had, was still too high.

Statins are the 'devil's' drug!!!!


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