if I take high blood pressure tablets and my blood pressure keeps being low is it ok to stop taking them, as when I do take them I feel ill?

I was diagnosed a few years ago, and my tablets were increased from 4mg to 8mg of perindopril......I find when I take them I feel worse than when I don't,and when I do take them my blood pressure is too low, so have stopped taking them, and have been monitoring my blood pressure which is still low...how can this be....I have left a stressful job since being diagnosed

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  • See your Gp and discuss it with him or her, you shouldn't mess about with your pills see your Doctor today if possible

  • Absolutely. Doc is the only person to discuss this with

  • You could take a different approach as you have stopped taking them by monitoring your own BP over a couple of weeks and then taking the print out to the GP and see what they say about stopping/adjusting the dose.

    This is not medical advice, just a suggestion. BP medication is long term.

  • Please see your doctor before stopping your medication. Perhaps you need a smaller dose to control your BP, but the doc should know. I had a similar experience and am now on a smaller dosage.

  • Have you had a recent checkup by your GP, or are you just having your prescription renewed and have not made an appointment for another BP test etc? I would go back to your GP and let him/her know that your feel that you need different medication or no medication at all! As you say you have changed your job, and no doubt, your lifestyle I would certainly discuss you next step soon.

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