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just a word of warning about following the Heart UK UCLP. Soya does not suit everyone. It gave me severe joint inflammation and has left me (2 months on) with tendonitis in my right hand. I am right handed and cannot rest this limb. My Cholesterol reading has dropped but I had to stop the soya input to the diet - within 24 hours clearing and within 48 hours all limbs clear of joint inflammation except right hand. I am concerned that Alpro is pushed in this diet - don't mind the product but feel that Heart UK should not be promoting brands. Diet advice should be impartial.

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Absolutely agree with this, soya is one of the common allergens. And Heart UK should not be promoting any brands.


Agree, Soya products needs checking for allergy. Having been having allergy issues since 1980 therefore I do check for allergy issues on all products.


Hello nagonthenet, I have had to avoid dairy due to intolerances and turned to soya milk and yogurts. I now have oat based milk and have yogurts sparingly. Not because I had problems but I didn't like the taste!! I agree that soya can cause as much trouble as dairy and you were wise to post this warning. I agree that certain brands should not be posted here but it is good that dietary advice is put on here for those with problems. I wish you well.


Please Google "salicylates" to get more information on food allergy. Aspirin is based on salicylate.

Human body can react very badly to salicylate!

This is the first time I came across Heart UK UCLP, a lot of information from google.


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