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Tom Naughton has just posted this:

Because of the diet of his upbringing (above) he is now metabolically damaged and if he eats carbohydrate his blood sugar goes through the roof and stays there for hours. However, by adopting the LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) way of living healthily he keeps his blood markers under control.

When watching this video I find it hard to imagine anyone - doctors, scientists, dieticians and governments - scratching their heads as to why we have an obesity epidemic.


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  • Hello,

    Well there is a grain of truth in this.

    On Monday I went to the chemist to do a prick test for blood sugar at midday after breakfast followed by coffee and tea. the reading was 5.7

    Yesterday the fasting test was 7.3 on the right hand finger and 8.3 on the left hand finger!!!

    This was to test the food intake and carbohydrate in food, Monday night I have rice based dinner, on Monday for breakfast I had scrambled eggs and tomatoes.

    This mooring I gave blood for testing for HbA1C. Will have the results back next week.

  • Statins Can Inhibit Muscle Repair FatIsNotYourFault

    please read these on you tube and try the intermittent fasting it is helping me

  • Hello,

    Thank you. Very interesting reading. will take a look at the video clips later on.

  • Hi,

    What is yuor weekly plan?.

    How many days out of 7 do you fast?

    Missing breakfat which is easy for me, have lunch and dinner nothing in between, drink tea and coffee, Monday to Friday and at week ends eat three meals,"Will this work?". Please let me know.

    My total choleaterl is 2.9 after three months of taking (20mg) statin once a day in the evening, HbA1C=50!, different food plan as well.

    Planning to reduce the dosage or stop statin!!!

  • hi just for curiosity if you have your bloods checked every 2 months i do do this for a 2 month stretch if you can dont take your statins or if you dont take them any way just try intermittent fasting choose your times i eat every day between 11am and 7pm dont eat any other times eat what you like dont be to strict try and only take fish oils then after 2 months see what your cholesterol is like then mine came down from 7.9 to 6.2 with only doing this

  • Being a silver surfer I remember that these sugar added breakfast foods were developed at the last months/years of sugar rationing. i.e. the 1950's!!! Then post rationing children power came in and many mums bought a 'choice' - mainly sugar added to get kids to eat something and quickly as mums were about to get to work instead of being full time home makers. And so the peripatetic breakfast came to be! These food companies still push 'on the hoof breakfast' with sweet biscuits and the such. The cereal isle in our local supermarket is swamped with sugar/salt loaded mega packets, and keep moving any decent make so it is difficult to find- despite sponsoring diabetes this year!!! SO I guess that even more folk will develop diet related problems. ( My mum didn't get us rubbish food, but work related rushed snack meals probably did it for me!!!!)

    Yep Blood recording do differ on different hands Possibly contamination or what. One 'point' is not that much of a problem in reality!!! What is your overall weekly pattern?? I feel the push for 'tight ' regulation of blood sugars is stressing for many folk. I am type 2 on insulin because of the side effects of the tablets and test for excessively LOW blood sugar (4ish) for driving and the such with a couple of daily random tests to ensure insulin is not too much or little. I don't cope with cholesterol treatments which also became all the rage when lowering drugs were developed.Again some folk really benefit from them - but do we ALL HAVE to use then. Health costs are rising every day, and some of us are being over treated for the benefit of those who need the treatment

  • Wow, a real classic! Thanks Tom.

  • Tell me about it! I was growing up in the 50`s & 60`s, & I remember these ads for cereals that i loved to eat. It`s a wonder that I`m not diabetic from the rubbish that I was raised on, but I did have loads of fillings done when I was a kid, & I owe that to sugary cereals & other crap that I was fed.

  • My mother was fanatical about us having good teeth. We had sweets only as an occasional treat, brushed our teeth twice a day and visited the dentist every six months. Big mistake! Between the ages of 10 and 16 we had a new dentist. Every time we went we had several fillings each. Before and after this age bracket I didn't require fillings until the damage done by previous fillings required correction. Like you I've since heard that dentists were paid by the filling during that period. My teeth were wrecked. Which leads me onto amalgum fillings. I have had to have most of these filled teeth removed Once removed I found my general health significantly improved until my CAD issues How toxic were these fillings?

  • The sad thing is that it's not only the overtly sugary cereals too. Wholemeal toast, Shredded Wheat and Weetabix for instance, are equally high glycaemic, causing the same problems as sugar, because to your body that's what they are!

  • I always thought that I had unhealthy teeth, but reading some of these posts, I can believe that the dentist that did all these fillings was just doing them to make money out of the NHS. She was an unpleasant woman who didn`t like me at all, maybe she just hated kids & young people. I`ll never know now, any way, I wouldn`t be a bit surprised if she messed up my mouth out of spite!

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