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How about men on statins trying to conceive?

I know its unsafe for women trying to get pregnant to take statin drugs. But does the same apply to men who are trying to get their wives pregnant? My husband and I have just started trying to conceive, but his GP recently found his cholesterol was high and has put him on a statin drug. While there is plenty of information warning women about taking statins and the dangers to their unborn babies, its practically impossible to find out online whether men taking a statin can potentially harm a child if they conceive while on this medication.

So is it safe for him to take and try for a baby or will it affect our baby if we do get pregnant?

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It should be fine. The reason it's not currently recommended fot pregnant women is how it can affect the developing foetus. Any medication your husband is on will not affect this. The only thing you will need to consider is that if it is genetic then there is a chance this may be passed on. Finally this is my opinion but based on medical training of sorts, i would however double check with your doctor.


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