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Swimming with baby with haemangioma


Hi, I’m hoping to take my baby swimming for the first time. She has a large segmented haemangioma on her face. Would hate for her birthmark to hold her back but wondering if the chlorine might irritate it? Anyone had any experiences with their baby they can share and advice on how to manage it? E.g, creams. Or am I worrying about nothing and the swimming water won’t irritate it at all? Thank you

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Hello Anyj85, I've heard that haemangiomas need to be protected from the sun. Not heard anything about chlorine irritation but I think your worry is legitimate. Perhaps the birthmark support group might be able to offer some advice? You can get in touch with them by emailing info@birthmarksupportgroup.org.uk or check out their website at birthmarksupportgroup.org.uk/ Hope you're able to get the answers you need and that your little one is able to enjoy swimming.

Thank you! I’ll email them and see what they suggest :)