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Mood and Fatigue

Hello Everyone,

I'm new on here, but am apart of the facebook group. A bit of background about me, I had a stroke 2016, discovered I had a cavernoma. That's when it felt like my world imploded! I had a lack of support from any professional agency, I feel that this could of been to do with my age, but again I cant be sure on this. Since then, I had surgery in May 2017, and am now back at work, but I just feel that I am struggling with my mood and juggling the demands of work and family life. I really could do with advice on coping and if theres anything I can tell my employer. I can't be put somewhere else as I am the team leader of my team and theres only 2 of us! My work involves assessing the elderly and putting measures in place so that they don't end up in hospital and so they live their lives independently! I really used to enjoy this role, but I'm finding that I am exhausted all the time, I'm not able to get regular breaks like was promised, as there are only two of us and if the other girls off, I'm the only one there! I really don't think that people at work understand this at all, I have printed off things for them to read, but don;t think they have. I just feel that now there's nothing 'physically' wrong with me, everything's back to normal, when really it's far from! I have informed them of the things I suffer with, but now its having a major impact on my mood. I have felt really low and just feel that I can't keep going on feeling like this. I have a GP appointment on Friday, but am so scared to bring this up as I'm also applying for my licence, so I don't want them to revoke it permanently because of my mental health!

If anyone can give me any advice, I'd really appreciate it!

Sorry for the long post :/

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Hello - I am a year post surgery and suffer from fatigue and low mood almost every day. I have not been able to return to work as a result but fortunately my employer is supportive. The way I see it, low mood and high fatigue are part of the aftershocks from the initial impact of the cavernoma and the op. I often sleep during the day and only attempt to do focused activity like shopping or driving for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. I am not sure what you can do with your employer - sorry - but your symptoms seem very consistent with mine. I also suffer from memory loss (short to medium) term which is the major cause of me not being able to return to my job. Good luck.