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Links to Parkinsons

Anyone know if Cavernomas can develop into Parkinsons? My first MRI resulted in the find of my Cavernoma. No symptoms and discharged. However I got increasingly worse and 18 months after my MRI I was diagnosed with Parkinsons. Think there's s link?

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I think coincidental. I had numerous MRI scans following bleed from pons cavernoma and was told I had MS.


Hello. At present it is unknown as to whether there is link between Parkinsons and cavernoma. You may find Parkinson's UK a helpful organisation, if you haven't already contacted them at . Also, Cavernoma Alliance UK could provide information and support for you. You can join, for free, at Cavernoma Alliance also have a secret facebook page which you will be invited to join if you become a member. Many members share their knowledge and experience here, which they find really helpful.


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