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How to get my left arm and leg back to normal after cavernoma bleed?

I had a bleed back in march 2015 which effected my left arm and leg with balance and no feeling in it.I have received Gammaknife treatment 2 weeks ago and want to know if anyone knows how i can get the feeling and strengh back into my left arm and leg?I am hoping i can get some physio but doctor does not know who would be the right person to send me to.Any guidance would be appreciated?

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Are you a member of CAUK? If you are not please join us cavernoma.org.uk/sign-up/ it's free.

If you are a member please get in touch, we are here to support you.

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I had pyhsio last January for the same thing but i had the treatment in 2011. My consultant wasn't keen on referring me as he didn't think it would help so i self referred. I don't think it helped to be honest. Although i do think if i had physio just after the treatment then it might've been different. Still got the weakness but i've more or less learned to live with it now.


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