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Andyman60, Just an update folks

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Hi All

I don't know where to start 🤔,what with all the sad news about people suffering because of the horrendous weather we've been suffering from & people in the North with no water 💦 or Power ⚡️It's awful, anyway I just thought it's about time I updated you guys on what's been happening in my part of the world, after mum died back in June, I managed to find a 1 bedroom flat which accepts dogs 🐶 thankfully my landlord loves my Cassie and has 2 dogs of his own, we've cleared literally a ton of stuff of mums n mine clutter that has built up over the last 35 years, some gone to charities, some sold a small amount has sadly had to go to the tip.

I'm struggling financially just like the other 5+millions of people on universal credit, and because we had to put he house on the market, which means you also have to pay your solicitor £200 to go to court for a Probate, which is a legal document you age to sign for as part of the law when someone dies in the family, if that wasn't enough we have lost so far £81,500 of our inheritance because of the cruel greedy Aviva equity release company, plus £3000 for our solicitor fee, plus £1250 for our estate agent fee, & just to add insult to injury our local council sent me a nasty council tax bill for £800, even though the house is unsold & been empty for over 3 months!! Unbelievable that a council can charge the equivalent of a whole years council tax after the house owners death! And I have to also have to keep paying £33.00 per month house insurance! Why do I have to pay these monies when the house is Not mine or my responsibility? It just isn't fair on me, the probate has taken five weeks so far and my solicitor said to me yesterday that it will take at least another five weeks before the probate goes through, then the new owners of the house will have to get a suvey, all this stress has taken its toll on my physical and mental health, my anxiety and depression have taken a big hit over the last six months.

I truly sympathies with anybody out there who has to go through so much stress and pain of losing a loved ❤️ one and suffers with stressful pain and feels ill from it all, thank goodness Christmas 🎄 is just around the corner when hopefully we can all put our suffering behind us and move on into a new chapter of our lives with some positivity for our futures. 🙏

Take care guys

Best wishes to All

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Dear me things have certainly not been easy for you after the loss of your dear mum. Can you not appeal the Council tax bill? Speak to Citizens Advice or tutor solicitor seeing as he’s charging so much.

I’m pleased you’ve found a place to live and the landlord is happy to take Cassie. It’s always sad when you have to clear a loved ones things.

I hope you can have a good Christmas and a better 2022. Xxxx

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MikeMan58 in reply to sassy59

Thank you so much 😊 yes I have actually handed over the Council tax bill to my solicitor, she is very good, she pointed out that the first name in the top right corner is on my mums name & mine underneath, she reckons that because mums name comes first that it's not my concern, she seems to think that she can swing it in my direction & get them to back down, but I'm not so sure🤔Anyways, let's wait & see when the dreaded probate finishes.Take care.

It sounds like things have been really difficult for you lately.

It was unfair wasn't it the way they cut Universal credit.

I did write to my MP to fight for that to be stopped but no luck.

It's always the way isn't it how everything goes wrong at the same time!

Thank you so much 😊, I know, that's why I never write to my MP because he Never replies & besides he's Conservative, I hate them because all they stand for is greed & corruption, I know that all the front benches are multi millionaires, but what I didn't know is that dishy fishys wife is a Very successful fashion designer 👩‍🎨 & is worth More than the Queen! She's a Billionaire!! That's why I have no time for greedy MPs & now we know how many of them have second & third jobs! It's a case of 1 rule for them & 1 for us Catgirl1976, sorry for ranting but it makes my blood boil that they have their cosy rich lives whereas we have to watch every penny.Take care honey.

Oh Mike i so understand your problem as i am going through similar and it brings you to the depths of despair,to a point where some folks dont wish to continue.And as for councils,they are ruthless,as are all utility companies ,and we dont stand a chance.

thinking of you and i hope this burden wont hang over you for much longer.

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MikeMan58 in reply to secrets22

Thank you so much 😊 I absolutely couldn't agree more with you regarding how ruthless councils & utility companies can be, they are greedy & cruelin their nature as a company. Take care.

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Thanks so much for your update Mikeman58, and I did wonder how you'd been getting on since your mum died! I know it was a really difficult time for you with your housing situation. Pleased to hear that you got yourself an apartment. It's clearly still been a difficult time for you and the trouble is it all comes to you at a point when you are trying to deal with your grief too. We do all only ever find out the hard way how much hassle there is when someone dies. I hope you'll be able to get everything sorted out in time and it's only a pity that you'll end up with so much less of an inheritance than you'd anticipated.

It's a really old and quite stale cliché that time heals, but honestly, it does. Give yourself some time and space and try not to be too bitter about how things work out, as I'm sure your mum wouldn't want you to spoil your life over it. Thankfully you've managed to keep your beloved dogs when it had been a worry that even that wouldn't happen and I hope that's a small consolation. So good that your landlord is fond of them.

Let's hope that Christmas and the new year will bring about a wind of change so that you can move forward.

It's so good of you to keep us informed, and I hope you'll let us know when everything's sorted out and you are hopefully beginning to move on a little bit. Take care and of those dear dogs of yours!

Thank you so much 😊

It's great he has the dogs for company!

This evening I had a late walk out as the day has been busy with doctors appointments on the phone and waiting around and catching up with household tasks and 4pm is dog walking time as the local dogs were out with collars that light up getting walked!

Baby is well and still being spoilt!


Thank you. I am now beginning the slow but very interesting process of finding a language school in this country for next year hopefully- I will definitely try to write some updates on what happens next as a result of applying directly to attend lessons. In the meantime I also have done some more Christmas shopping and put up a tree too- this is a photo of my effort at that.


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