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Parkinson's Disease


My sister had a nervous breakdown last Christmas and was treated for depression but now nine months on it is clear something is wrong in her brain cannot function on a daily basis we are waiting for a DTA scan looking for Parkinson's .We have been waiting for 6 weeks and I am worried that a delay in diagnosis without medication for PD could have a more rapid onset of the disease.

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Hello Sebimo13, sorry to hear about your sister and her possible PD. I would chase up the scan as a proper diagnosis is essential and sooner rather than later.

Please let us know how things go.

Take care xxxx

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Hi, I agree, sometimes you need to put a bit of pressure on and chase up results. The health service is really busy as we all know and sometimes certain things are not given the priority they deserve. Wishing you well and I hope your sister gets some answers and suitable help if needed.

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Hi Sebimo,

Welcome to our community. I suggest that you ask the GP for a referral to a specialist Parkinson's neurologist, as they are the one with the expertise to diagnose Parkinson's Disease (PD). Diagnosis is mainly based on symptom history and some classic signs associated with it. There are different types of PD such as parkinsonism associated with other conditions. So it is important that your sister is seen by the right people, as GP cannot diagnose this. Generally MRI or CT scans only show the structure of the brain, which in PD people is usually normal, they are not the first port of call in diagnosis. But

SPECT or DaTSCAN are useful to support a diagnosis, and to help identify if symptoms e.g. tremors is caused by something else other than PD. You may find this information from the Parkinsons UK charity helpful:


Hope this helps. Do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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Hi Sebimo13,

First of all a very warm welcome to our Care Community, as I see that you've just joined us.

I do endorse all that MAS_Nurse says and it seems likely that your sister has already seen a GP but that you are waiting too long for her scan referral.

In any case, it's important for her, or for you on her behalf, if she cannot herself, to check back with her GP and express your worry over how long the scan appointment is taking and to ask to have it expedited. Or to ask for reassurance that waiting will cause nothing that will induce a more rapid onset of Parkinsons.

Thankyou so much I will be doing this

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