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Removal of recent post

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Hi there,

We have had to remove a post by a new user that popped up this afternoon. They were implying that they had a commercial interest in signing up to HU, and had reposted onto other forums. Third Party commercial interest contravenes the community guidelines and T&C's of Health Unlocked, as they target vulnerable groups of people for gain, and we have a duty to protect our members. We have now reported them to HU management team to take appropriate action.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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I spotted them MAS_Nurse but forgot to report as looking after grandson. Glad it’s been sorted out, thank you. Xxxx

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Yes, MAS_Nurse, so important for the integrity of HU and our group, and to protect members.

Thank you, nice to know they were spotted.

Oh gawd,its terrible what people get up to,and they pry on the vulnerable.

Stay alert/well MAS_Nurse and thanks for the advice on carer allowance.

Good to know our interests are being guarded. Many thanks MAS Nurse. Appreciated xx

I missed whatever it was that was revealed by whoever it was about whoever it was. But that is the idea. Good security.

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