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Feel Good Friday

Welcome to this Friday and another Bank Holiday on Monday.

How is everyone this week?

I know that some of you have experienced some negative and positive events this past week - and thank you very much for sharing them with us. I always feel it is good to talk them through even if it is writing them down instead of saying them out loud. Some how just getting them said or written makes us feel better and sometimes even puts them into perspective.

So how about sharing with us how your week has gone, good or bad we would like to hear about them. Also what have you done that's makes you relax and cope better?

I hope you all have a quiet and peaceful weekend and bank holiday Monday. Best wishes to all our lovely members. XXX

MAS Nurse.

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I’m just feeling thankful that Pete is doing quite well at the moment. He has a cardio appointment next month which is good. I make sure he’s not overdoing things but still able to enjoy life as that’s important.

We hope to see family over the weekend. I wish everyone a good weekend and take care all. Xxxxx

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I am so grateful to feel like "me" again. Five months ago if someone would have said I would be applying for a job, cleaning and bagging old clothes, initiating calls and texts, well, I couldn't have believed them. I have a deep faith in Jesus and He truly helped me in self examination, seeing patterns of my choices that needed to change.

I sometimes wondered if there was a "me" left, that pit was so dark and w/o hope.

Never ever give up! As long as their is breath, there is hope!

You will come through this a better person; more empathic, stronger inside, and hopefully with a faith their is a Creator Who Loves you unconditionally!

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Hi MAS_Nurse,

Not sure whether I ended up feeling smug or annoyed at the end of Friday. In general my week was very average with no highs or lows until quite late yesterday.

My husband had asked if I would be kind enough to re-hem the trousers of his dinner suit, so that he could get them off to the cleaners today, so he can pack them early next week for a trip next weekend. Then he went off to do a night-shift.

I enjoyed a lovely relaxing evening on my own, with Coronation Street and several other favourite TV programs and then headed off to bed at 11.30, passing as I did the dreaded trousers, hanging quite untouched on the wardrobe door. Yes, I had forgotten all about them!

So, midnight saw me furiously hemming instead of counting sheep.

But this morning I'm glad I made myself get on with it and get them done. We're still on schedule and yes, I do feel a tiny bit pleased with myself!

Have a wonderful weekend.


A lovely act of kindness that cost you a bit...but it sounds like you gained more than you lost!


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