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The struggle for Mam is over now In the end we stopped her having a syringe driver fitted until Friday she needed it then for pain relief .prior to that they wanted to fit it on Monday and we felt it was too early as she was still eating and drinking small amounts and sitting up talking to us but as the week went on this stopped until at the end by Thursday we knew she was going in her own time and on her own terms. the family where with her day and night and told her we would be ok she could go any time she wanted to. we prayed for her and she tried to open her eyes I think she was pleased. she went home to God at 4/18 pm last night. Thank you all for your kindness and support xxx

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Sending deepest sympathies to you and your family. Glad your dear mum decided to go on her terms and nobody else’s.

She’s at peace now. Be comforted by that. Xxxxx

pet-lamb in reply to sassy59

Thank you sassy 59 xxx


So sorry, but be comforted by the fact that you did everything you possibly could for her and her end with with you all around her.

Condolences on your loss

Aah, what a sad day for you all. It was our pleasure and we send you all our very best wishes and sincere condolences. You did your very best for your mam, and she knew how much you all loved her. They often do know in their hearts when the time is right for them to go, and you gave her permission to go, and allowed her the dignity of choosing when, surrounded by her loving family. She is pain free now, and at peace. May you be comforted in this during this time.

With love and best wishes,

MAS Nurse Team

God bless x

Sending you my deepest sympathy at your mams passing. It is good she is at peace now and made it there her way. All my thoughts are with you at this sad time and your family xxx

Sending you deepest sympathy for your loss, it was good that Mum went when she was ready. Big hugs. Xxxx

I am so glad that your Mum went peacefully in her own time. Having lost my Mum in September I know how important this is. My prayers are with you at this sad and busy time.

God bless your Mam- she's with the angels now. RIP.

I know how you feel. My Dad was eating a little just 2 days earlier and looked better but then went into a coma after having his morphine upped. I spoke and said to him that if he feels he has to go then he must. Most of the family had gone out to eat but 3 of us stayed close by near his room. We were called quickly in by my sister who had stayed with him along with my mother but he passed away. I can't help feeling that he waited until we were out of the room but we'll never know will we? I can tell you that the first year is the worst. The first anniversary of everything: his death, his birthday, his wedding anniversary and the first Christmas. Your Mother is at peace now and thank you for sharing this with us.

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Thank you melita17 we have had a awful year our dog of 14 years went with cancer in January 10 days later we found out our brother had terminal cancer 10 days later he was dead unexpectedly and on his own then in March a uncle died and in May an aunty now this .we will be ok she's at peace now and we fought for her to have a quite peaceful death pain free and in her own time .we can be comforted by the fact we did everything we could to help and protect her .we showed her love.I'm so sorry your dad went ever deathbed hard but we never think our parents will leave us orphaned .Mam was 87 I kept thinking she would live until she was over 90.

I've been following your posts. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother. May her gentle soul rest in eternal peace. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.

Exactly what happened to my beloved Mum....peace for her ..RIP your lovely Mum . ...In the quietest most peaceful way their souls are resting and we must remember the good times and feel happy for this . God bless you xxx

Deepest sympathy, but at least Mum is at rest now, big hugs.

That was a blessing for your mam and the family. Peace.

So sorry to hear your news. Your Mom did it her way and I hope that brings you some comfort. Condolences to you and your family.

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