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Caring for someone with anxiety

Does anyone have any advice on caring for someone who has anxiety? My mother in law has Parkinson's Disease which has been progressing quite rapidly over the last few years especially.

She has medication to help keep her symptoms under control however she also has extreme episodes of anxiety which can cause her to not take her tablets (which make the symptoms worse) or have panic attacks which can then make her worse as well.. sometimes to the point where she can't move at all.

We try to help as much as we can but the anxiety can either mean she wants company all the time, or can get quite aggressive and nasty and refuse any help whatsoever.

Any advice would be appreciated :-)

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Try to keep thier mind active and occupied , it's an awful feeling? Walks sometimes and steer clear of any trig around points.

Best of British.


Thanks for your reply Philip :)

A walk is a good idea when she is up to it, she does tend to be better after she has some fresh air but it can sometimes be difficult to get her to go out..


My husband was officially diagnosed with Parkinsons two years ago, it is all in his legs and is certainly progressive, I have been on a very steep learning urve, it certainly causes depression and anxiety, and effect his memory, has she got a docet box where you can check if he has had her drugs, Parkinsons is a brain disease and can effect so many things, I have to give my husband all his drugs he would never take any, because he cant remember. I don't know where you live but most consultnts have a Parkinsons nurse attached to their tam and can visit and give lots of advice also the Parkinsons society are wonderful, they have dedicated nurses who can help a lot. Also you cn join and talk to other folks who are careing for their loved ones, if ever you want to chat please contact me I seem to have come across so many things relating to this disease and it can be very stressful for carers, I also went on a course for carers when he was first diagnosed because I knew so little about it and it certainly helped, the course was run by the Parkinsons society.


Hi elliedoll, my Mum in law has become very anxious, medication is helping a little but she still has bad days. She has recently moved to a residential home and at the moment is anxious about her laundry especially her knickers, of all things! Also when I visit she complains about some of the staff or the food, depending on the events of that day. She tells me the same things over and over again, this is putting me off visiting, but I don't feel I can just abandon her. What I have decided to do is take some of her many photos with me when I visit, in the hope these will jog her memories and stimulate conversation other than her moaning (sorry) during my visit. I'm not very well myself and at the moment the visits are very tiring for me.

I might document her memories so they will not be lost when she eventually passes away.


Hello Elliedoll Parkinson's is a series of complex problems without the rather serious bouts of anxiety. Taking the medication for Parkinson's regularly and at prescribed times is very important. Does Mum have input from a specialist nurse or contact with Parkinson UK? (As Lucy says) Such contacts may prove really supportive to her and/or you. Her mood issues may arise from feelings of loss of control, wanting help but contrarily rejecting it. You are doing really well; are there other family members or friends to help?


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