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Desperate for a carer

Hi, I'm new here...I'm 70 with diabetic neuropathy. I'm looking for help as my 45 yr old son has lost the use of his legs..we are presently trying to find if it's the new meds or what has caused this. Side effects can be responsible I have checked. I've also been telling the doctors FOR ALMOST 12 months..they refused to listen at first..I'm so devastated as he has a history of Hodgkin s disease..nobody is listening..And yes I have managed to get him with difficulty to A&E who told me I had to go via the GP.. I live near Bristol on a bus root...worried sick! 😨

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Hi 1411, sorry to read of the problems you and your family have, I certainly don't want to advise you to do this but it may be a way of getting people to listen, next time your son needs medical attention call an ambulance (you can see why I don't want to advise you to do this they're overstretched enough) but it will get your son into hospital and hopefully help and care for him and yourself from outside agencies, when my mum was in hospital earlier this year we had so many problems with the hospital concerned, which I will NEVER name publicly for obvious reasons my sister would have been quite happy to take mum home, then call an ambulance to get her into another hospital, so doing it this way may be a way forward for all of you, good luck x


Hi, that's what I did the last time thx..he's just managed to crawl about 2 metres..it's heartbreaking..thank you for that😔


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