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Deep Cleaning


Does anyone know companies that offer deep cleans (possibly called environmental cleans) in the Wiltshire area for a reasonable price?

My Nan hasn't found a replacement cleaner yet, she is incapable of doing it herself anymore and unfortunately I don't have the time to do it for her. She has a cat and a dog and the carpets/floors have gotten quite grotty from them and her spilling things etc. I feel that we can't get a regular cleaner back in until this is done.


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Google local carpet cleaning businesses, many do hard floors and upholstery as well.

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Phone Social Services and the local council. They all arrange cleaning for properties that are in a bad way after tenants leave or go into hospital, they should be able to give you some addresses.


Try google for "End of Tenancy Cleaners Wiltshire" or "Deep Clean Wiltshire"

Plenty of options there!



I didn't find Google particularly helpful in this instance, but thank you everyone for your assistance :)


This is a very expensive service and as i once had a domestic cleaning company I can tell you that Wiltshire is not served well in this. If you could ask someone in the forces as the march outs have to be top notch, they may know a good firm.


Yea the prices are astronomical, I'm not sure I can cover it. I will look at march out companies, thank you very much.


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