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Medical details -Message in a Bottle Scheme

Where do people keep details of your medications and what to do in case of emergencies within the home?

The 'Message in a Bottle' scheme is recognised by emergency services and can be a life saver. You can keep key information such as medications as well as NOK to contact and is kept in the fridge. Emergency services will look for the Green Sticker on your door and immediately go to the fridge to see details. It is also Free!

Take a look at this link which will explain this simple but effective scheme. Ask at your local GP or Pharmacy to get yours today.


One tip - keep details updated

4 Replies

What a great idea if you are living alone 👍


I hate to say it, but in my mum's case they never even tried to look for the bottle. I hope that was a 1 off


I hope that is the case to but sorry it didn't work in this instance.


I'd not heard of this before but I shall definitely be implementing this with my Nan. Thanks for the information.


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