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Finding a care home

I've noticed a few posts about finding a care home and thought it would be useful to offer some tips.

It's always good to talk to friends and family to see if they have experiences of homes in your area. You'll be amazed how many people have been through same experience once you start asking around.

If you have the opportunity to plan, talk to your relative about visiting a home you like on a regular basis. Stay for lunch - join in some of the activities. Some homes like to offer services to community and certainly worth being part of them if appropriate

This helps to familiarise your loved one and staff get to know them to.

Ask the home if they would be willing to set up a contingency plan for the 'just in case' scenario - good for carer breakdown situations

Talk to family about what are the priorities- get a plan together before searching involving older person as much as possible

When visiting, talk to residents and their families if you have the opportunity- a good home will encourage this.

Visit unannounced but be aware you may not get the chance to talk to the right person but you can make another appointment

Check the Care Quality Commissonn(CQC) website to check ratings.

observe how staff are with residents when you visit - are they engaging with people and happy to talk to you also.

I hope some of these tips help

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All very good tips in theory , not so good if your loved one refuses to even talk about it let alone visit a care home, or the rest of your family are not remotely interested and leaves it all up to you to sort it all out.


I agree, and often is the case. I think the difficulty is often fear the unknown and losing independence.

I hear similar situations daily especially when everyone wants something different.

My advice is to turn conversation around. Get an understanding what the reason is behind their reluctance. Sadly perception of care homes isn't always positive and the news doesn't help. We only hear the bad bits.

I'll try to post some tips about having conversations at a later date

Don't forget to seek help for yourself as a carer if needed.


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