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Council Tax

I am 73 years old. I live In the Scottish Borders. In December 2014, I was discharged from hospital into the care of my son who lives in a council house. I have multiple health problems including a compressed spine and diabetes. I pay £15.87 a week as a non- dependant, non-householder living with my son. Recently the local Council is asking for my bank statements and has suspended my son's housing benefit although we are financially unconnected. Any advice welcome.

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So sorry to hear that, I think Scottish laws are different to the rest of Uk so can't help you, but have you tried citizens advice ? Good luck


Give them what they are asking for, because they wont stop hounding you,until they get what they wanted and once they are sorted you can then appeal and that will sort it out. If you have several thousands of pounds I don't recall how much but you can find out on the internet. If you do have more they will stop his housing benefits and you would have to pay the bills. Or maybe go to their office and talk with them, it just maybe something simple. But do as they suggest and show what's in there also they can demand that the bank to tell them and it'll all be messy.


Sorry to hear that. My advice would be to contact CAB asap.. If you are now in your sons care, he could be entitled to an Attendence Allowance or something simular - in UK, this alowance is worth just over £200 per week. Citizens Advice would be able fo stear you in right direcrion. Good luck.


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