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Big day tomorrow will be back in touch with family


Because of my mental health issues I have not been in touch with my family for about two months now.had argument with my sister because of a voice in my head taking over.but tomorrow I will try it scares me as I am frightened the voice taking over.but since I have been on my anti psychotic meds I hope I can go through with it.

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Joel, I do hope that things will go better for you.

From what you’ve posted before, I seem to remember that you are in touch with health professionals. Can the health professionals give you any hints and tips on how to tell the intrusive voice to leave you alone?

And perhaps you can say to your sister “I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean what I said”.

Joeb17 in reply to Happyrosie

Because of covid it has been hard to get help most of it’s beeen on the phone but I have been given a group that deals with hearing voices.they do the group on zoom you have to register a place so I am waiting to hear from them.i have emailed my sister with instructions and what to look out for like danger sign.and the the conversation will end.i will let you know how it went.i have been up all night worrying I’ve been watching Old cine film that we had transferred to dvd of when I was younger and even has my sisters christening we were so happy and that has helped me more then ever to talk to my family.

Thanks John


Happyrosie in reply to Joeb17

Joel, I’m so, so glad that you’ve found something to hold onto, like that dvd. It was fortunate that you found it and you now know that it is possible to be happy even when things don’t always go well.

It’s part of life that things happen to you, or that you get conditions like yours. Everyone has their own difficulties to bear, that you might not be able to see.

Let us know how you get on

Joeb17 in reply to Happyrosie

Hi I rang my mum today it was hard at first but I managed to keep the voice inside my head at bay mum is well so it was so nice to speak to her my sister wasn’t there .had a good cry afterwards but then had a flaming row with this voice he was telling me I’d let the side down by ringing.

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