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Habituation relapse, what to do!!!

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Ok, so I want to know if anyone has had similar experience to mine and any tips or advice?

I’ve had tinnitus for five years now and when I first got it I became really anxious about it and would get anxiety attacks and was unable to sleep at night. I was referred to a tinnitus therapist and with her help and tips I became accustomed to it so that after two years I became habituated to the noise and kind of forgot I even had tinnitus. Now since this week, I don’t know what’s happened but my brains picked up on the noise it’s like when I first got tinnitus. I can’t get it out of my head, I’m getting anxiety attacks again and I can’t even sleep at night. In the last three days I’ve probably had like a couple of hours sleep each day. Each time I feel myself drifting off to sleep, my body will judder/ jerk itself awake. I think it’s called a hypnic jerk. Even my pillow speakers (which I have not used for three years) are not doing the job! Guys any tips or advise would be very helpful, i’m an anxious wreck atm. 😢 thank you 🙏🏼

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Don't worry. This is an anxiety problem. You habituated before...you will do it again...nothing has changed except your attitude towards it. I guess the stressful times we are in at the moment don't help. Use the techniques which helped you before.

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Thank you for your kind words. I’m working on it but it’s hard


When my T started again last year I had the same problem initially but it improved in a few weeks,it is just anxiety which is normal for something as bad as tinnitus.My t is very loud some days but sleep was good For the last month until last week when for some reason it’s cranked up the volume .

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Tell me about it, there’s always ups and downs with the tinnitus. I can’t remember life before it

Hello. Well, I am much the same. I had it well under control before this lifestyle change due to corona. Now, it is much more frequent and apparent.

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I’m sorry to hear that, I hope your situation improves for you. The effects of the coronavirus is having a huge toll on mental health.

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Hi brd like all of us I have awful tinnitus and struggle with anxiety and insomnia. Have tried certain sleeping pills and now taking 30 mgs melatonin which isn’t doing much . Has anything you have taken helped?.... thanks Jenny 😀😀😀😀

Hi Annie ,, this is Jenny .. how are you going ? Hope all is good. I thought I would private message you on Messenger ... would that be okay? Jenny 😊

Hi Annie .. that’s great that we can communicate ... I’ve forgotten how to message privately through the chatline ... or can I message you privately through private messages on Messenger? Or can you tell me how to message you privately on the chatline .

Thanks Annie

Take care,


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