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Worse when walking/moving my head

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When I walk, move my head or even go over a bump in my car, my t gets louder and feels like something is moving around in my ear. When I swallow my ears crackle and pop. My GP has checked my ears and can’t see anything. She has referred me to ENT, but that’s a 5 month wait 😡

Want to stick with the NHS although I’ve got private healthcare. The specialists I’ve seen privately in the past haven’t even bothered to do hearing tests, although I wear hearing aids and my hearing could have deteriorated.

Anyone else get this or know what it is?



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Hi Ingrid, I haven’t had those symptoms so sorry that I can’t offer any help there.

But I would see the ENT consultant privately. I don’ t have private health insurance, but I did pay (£170) to “jump the queue”.

Mr ENT was of little help - put a tuning fork on my head, asked a couple of questions and said “yes it’s tinnitus; there’s no cure, but I can help you live with it”. I saw him at my NHS hospital 2 weeks later and he referred me to the wonderful audiologist who “saved my life”.

Heavens knows what I would have done had I been on the NHS waiting list of 6 months. So, yes, I would go for the private appointment.


Angela xx

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Ingrid-p in reply to Angela-H

Thanks Angela.

I have private health care, but as I saw an ENT specialist through them last year and he didn't give me a follow up appointment I'd have to wait another year before I could be referred to them again. I'm not happy as no one ever told me this.

I've been researching specialists in my area and I'm considering paying to see someone as what I'm experiencing is very strange.

Hope you're coping ok.

Take care

Ingrid xx

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Angela-H in reply to Ingrid-p

Hi Ingrid,

I asked my GP to refer me to a private consultant and he then gave me a choice - of course all the private consultants work for the NHS too so for me it was queue-jumping.

The lack of knowledge, interest and care showed to tinnitus sufferers by the medics (except for audiology) just adds to our daily stress doesn’t it.

Thanks, I am ok and have habituated - knowing the triggers that increase my T. But, of course, it is always there isn’t it.


Angela xx

Hi ingrid,

I have something similar to you.my ears crackle and pop all the time but they were doing this year's before tinnitus started.my tinnitus does get worse when I move. I was with ent the day after boxing day and he said it's stress, that's making it worse.he checked ears and said they looked fine and done the hearing test and it was fine.he said he's going to get me appointment with tinnitus clinic in hospital.i went back to gp a few weeks ago with being blocked up noise and ears and she got me another appointment with E.N.T for February because she said it's definitely sinus issue and fluid retention. Nobody seems to know. I am following a guy on YouTube Liam bohem. His videos do make sense about inflammation.

Thanks Michael

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Ingrid-p in reply to Michael8272

Thanks Michael

Sorry you're still having problems. It's so frustrating just when you think you're on top of it again something else happens 😠

I'm going to take Angela's advice and pay and see someone. Need to do more research as to who tho.

Take care

Ingrid xx

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Michael8272 in reply to Ingrid-p

Hi ingrid, it's so frustrating and so many things. Chiropractor says it's to do with posture aswel.

Thanks Michael

I’ve had the occasional crackle and pop but not regularly like you seem to have but I’ll definitely follow it up with my GP and ENT should I experience these more frequently. Sleep is always a problem for me and I’ve tried a few sound apps with little success.

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