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Please help!

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Hi I posted a couple of days ago about suffering ETD. I had terrible hypercusis (I think that’s the way you spell it) over the weekend over the weekend and everything was ringing and high pitches but that seems to have subsided now and I’m back to just a constand ring and rumbling sound.

I saw my own GP yesterday who almost couldn’t be bothered to speak to me about it. She said there’s nothing they can do my ears look fine and just to wait it out. She also noted that my throat was a little red but nothing major.

I went back to work today and the intense noise (primary teacher) and constant movement seemed to have made my dizziness go through the roof and I fainted! I’ve been sent home and now I’m laid here wondering what on Earth I have to do to get back to normal!

Has anyone else had sudden ETD and been told they are congested/take decongestants but not actually feel congested !? My ears feel full but my nose and throat feel no different to usual!


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I have been suffering ETD all my life off and on. You never know when it will start or stop. The reason you take nose spray decongestants is to try to open this up. However it is hard for the medicine to reach. There is a handy device called an EUSTACHI works wonders for me. found it on AMAZON. Best of luck, I, unlike your doctor know how you are suffering.

Hmmm, I've had T for 21 years but I'm now 5 months into a progression of symptoms similar to yours. I've felt like I could faint but haven't fallen yet. I've had my blood panels done and checked my BP and all is normal. I'd managed to function but lately have felt physical sensations that cause me to just lie down and try to decompress. I had bitten my cheek 4 days ago and have been fighting off infection that gave me some pain on that side. This included my throat, gland,ear and crown of my head. The spike in T and other symptoms seems to be subsiding along with the infection.

I’ve been diagnosed with Labyrinthitis on the right side which makes a lot of sense seeing as how I’m coming off the back of a nasty head cold. Hopefully it’s onwards and upwards x

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