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Neuromod hearing aids coming to devon,Torbay


Hi i went to see my Audiologist today and i broke down in my meeting getting emotionality upset at the distress im going through in my life over recent months with my tinnitus.

My audiologist then went onto tell me that i am now on the list to try these new Neuromod hearing aid system which are due to be coming to torbay Hospital in the next few months, I have only heard good things about these hearings aids and im so excited to get through these next couple of months until they arrive.

Has anyone else in the UK already tried this device or anyone else been told they are on the waiting list for them.

Regards Andrew

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Hi Andy,

I understand exactly how you feel as I have been on the brink a few times myself and I think all of us who suffer with tinnitus can identify with the distress it causes. I haven't heard of these new Neuromod hearing aids before but I sincerely hope they prove to be a success for you, if you are fortunate enough to eventually get them. In the meantime, try and stay strong as I know from experience, it will eventually ease up and you will find some peace. Please keep us posted about your progress. Best wishes.

I know nothing about them. Can you tell us more about them ?

I am a big physically strong grown man of 45 and have had tinnitus for 30 years. Always been severe but from July to around end of November it was so bad it made me sob everyday at least once I was that emotionally overwhelmed.

I think you're talking about this:

They are not hearing aids. This is bi-modal stimulation (neuromodulation) system made to reduce tinnitus. On TinnitusTalk forum is a thread about it. Results from trial are very optimistic.

Release date is 2019.

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Yes these are the devices

Funny old world. I contacted the company yesterday. They were vert vague about the devices being rolled out across the uk. I have a follow up appointment at the royal ent next month. If anyone knows it should be them. I ll post any feedback.

Wishing you peace and quiet.


I try to Google to see if I can find it in the US and nothing came up.

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They're not selling them yet. Look on the Tinnitus Talk forum, there's loads of stuff on there about them. Seems extremely promising and hopefully in the foreseeable future - as in next year.

Thank you very much for that information.

Be interested to hear how you get on with this referral Andy.

The Irish company involved here haven't started selling these devices yet and haven't given any indication (yet) that they've been approved for public health provision.

I've no idea how NHS procurement works - can they just buy stuff commercially if they think it would benefit their patients? Stuff like this I would have thought have be to approved by NICE etc, for cost efficiency etc?

Hi just wondered if you've had your referral yet. Very interested to see how you've got on.

Any updates on this yet Andy?

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I'd be interested to know more about this subject as well.


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Nothing - super helpful.

Neuromod still haven't announced how or when they'll be releasing this new treatment protocol, but they appear to be edging closer. My bet is late summer before anyone actually gets their hands on this device in the real world.

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Thought it was going to be sooner than that but oh well just a few more months to wait.

Update for those interested


Fishing again to see if you are still lurking on the forum Andy. Any news on your referral down there in sunny Torbay?

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