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Ginko Biloba tablets safe?

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Has anyone on here got much experience of taking Ginkgo Biloba tablets? I’m very skeptical about natural remedies but I figured it was worth a shot. But since getting some I’ve also read that they can have bad side effects and that they are not properly regulated since they aren’t available on an NHS prescription. Has anyone had problems taking them at all? Even if they only work as a placebo ok I’d be happy enough.

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have tried new nordic ear tone for a month only, initially you dont feel any difference however, at the end of a month, i could feel that my tinnitus was on bit lower side. Didn't notice any side effects though ...

I've been taking them for over 17 years. I can't say that they've helped T but on the few occassions that I stopped taking them I was fearful that T would worsen so started to take them again. Side effects, well it's been a gradual thing but I now look older than I did when I started to take them!

I took them for 6mths or so to no effect whatsoever, neither positive or negative.

hi blue, i took them for a few months when i first got T didnt feel any difference and didnt have any side effects just another waste of money on T cure, stay cool craw.

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Hi there - I've just in the last couple of weeks put an updated factsheet about ginkgo on our website - you might like to check it out:

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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