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Ginko Biloba

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I bought a bottle of 500mg Ginko Biloba tablets the other day, as some people say it has helped reduce their tinnitus. As I take a daily tablet for high blood pressure, I asked at the cash desk if this combination would be safe. The manager checked in their reference book and said they would be fine. However, I thought it would be best to check on the internet for myself and have found conflicting reports! Some say no problem while others say they should be avoided as they can be dangerous. I am quite confused and wary about taking them now, so I wondered if any forum members are taking Ginko in conjunction with any high blood pressure medication and have they experienced any adverse side effects.

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I'd go to your pharmacist where you get your prescription & ask them. Otherwise ask your GP.

I would say it's too risky

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Hi jimmuck

I've recently produced an information sheet on ginkgo, and this website was the reputable source I used when considering the side effects and interactions:

Evidence appears to be at best mixed, but it is very limited. Although independent evidence is limited, what there is does not show that Ginkgo biloba is effective for tinnitus. The potential side effects may cause serious harm. Our verdict, endorsed by our medical experts, is not to take it.

Hope this helps!

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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Jimmuck in reply to NicBTA

Thanks Nic and also to the other forum members who also replied. I should have checked here first before I bought it but it was an impulse buy, in my quest to beat the beast, so that's another eight quid down the drain! I asked my local pharmacist for advice and he went right onto Google to check it out as if I hadn't already done that. I was told it was my decision whether or not to use it as there were so many conflicting reports. So much for professional advice! Thanks again for your help and I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

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