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What to avoid


I have read if you ha tinnitus avoid alcohol and caffeine dont eat this dont eat that.

To heck with that, that would be like giving up on life.

T drives me nuts 24 hours a day but i am not about to give up living my life.

Yes i would like to stand on a forest and hear the sound of silence but it aint happening . you know what i will still go for a walk in the forest.

T only wins when you give up.

Going to try Ear tone has any one tried it

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Dead right, don’t eat this don’t drink that. I still go out for a few pints and do other things to live my life the best I can in-fact when I go out and get home I release that I didn’t even notice my T at all and believe me mine is mega loud. That’s only having about four pints as well. Not that I’m telling people what to do but we still have a life to live. Good luck Jb.

HarryMP in reply to jbradford42

Well said sir.........

Don't give anything up for T, (except listening to loud sounds!!).

Artdeuchars in reply to HarryMP

Blues rock also helps .

I know everyone reacts differently to tinnitus but I find a few drinks relieves it so enjoy.

I certainly agree with that

I’m Totally Deaf I can’t blank it out with noise, music etc, a few beer make it feel LOUDER to me.

Alcohol definitely makes my T a bit worse. But 'a bit worse ' doesn't stop me enjoying my red, red wine! Unthinkable! Like the other replies have said, you've got to live!..I may stop drinking in January as a general health thing and see what happens, but I doubt it'll make much difference. It always goes back to its normal level the next day anyway, so for now I'm just living my life. Xmas day without my glass or 3 of red, whilst cooking the dinner! Don't be silly!. Obviously if something you eat or do Make T much worse, then you would avoid it. I also don't think dietry things have much effect, if any. I did once think processed foods containing msg were havibg an effect. I went through a spell of having a cuppa soup everyday, for lunch, as they're low in calories and packed with msg, but It had nothing to do with it in the end. The thing that effects T more than anything is , of course your emotional state. x

Ah red wine the cure a cause of many a sore head .lol

I’ve been drinking decaf tea and coffee for 4 years, not because of T but because I had two pregnancies during this time, my T started at the end of my first pregnancy.

This past month I’ve gone back to caffeine since I’m not breastfeeding no more and you no what, my T has got better!! Maybe mine was because I had no caffeine? Caffeine is an addictive drug after all, maybe not having it contributed to my T?

Artdeuchars in reply to Momoko79

Thank fully mines wasnt brought on by pregnancy lol.

I think it was when i hit my head of a fork lift .

My T only spikes up the day after I’ve been out for a few beers which is only once or twice a week. These are my days of escape from being at home so I ain’t giving that up for no one never mind Mr T!

Yup exceptionally bad the day after

But lifes to short to let it win .

My T has helped me cut out drinking alcohol. It was something i was trying to do but found it difficult. 14 months down the line and I don't miss it, Xmas may be an exception!

Drank socially but since my husband passed nearly five years ago I am lucky if I have four drinks a year now This is mostly due to my anxiety and not my tinnitus Sometimes what you eat and drink doesn't make any difference

Ahhhh....the eternal question so many of us have feared the answer to.

Here's my take on it, for what it's worth.

When I first went into UCSFs T clinic, the head audiologist, in the company of another said it was ok to drink. This contradicts the advisory information on the departments website.

I suspect they've realized through interviewing countless patients, that a couple of drinks offers some relief to people who have very few if no other options to find an escape.

Our common sense is still ahead of the research curve regarding T.

Inflimation causes physical stress. Alcohol can cause dehidration if you don't hydrate adicquatly or if you drink more than your body can process. Listen to what your body tells you. If having a drink or two is making you feel better, then it's probably OK and perhaps better for your psychological state. If you feel worse the morning after, you may want to adjust your habits. Try a better quality drink. Much of what gives you the headache is related to other toxins in the brew, vintage or distillation.

Consuming alcohol dose damage cells and will contribute to neuropathy, but it also gives our frontal lobe a break from our concerns. The benifit of the drink may pay off if your body is healthy enough to handle it.

Caffeine, the other guilty pleasure, is equally as suspect but could be attributed to some health benefits. It dialates the arteries which increasing blood flow which can make pulsatile T act up. It can also enhance stressful situations. As a stimulant it makes you more active and upbeat. Weening yourself off of caffeine will bring on the withdrawal headaches that will cause stress as well. (I tried quitting coffee when I first got T twenty years ago and it didn't help)

So, for now, I plan to take it one day at a time. Perhaps I'll try quitting this or that. Who knows? I'm taking 4000 D3 per day to see if that helps. Next month I'll try something else. (All things in moderation of course)


My tinnitus doesn't do moderation.

So neither do i 😉

I wouldn't use a single cent on these products. Instead I recommend you to find out more on professional treatment and where to find in your area. Sound therapy and talks with professional therapists could be useful too. They don't offer any cure but will try to help and give you some tools to handle t. in daily life. Don't spent money on medicine without conculting your own doctor.

In some situations I use an app. from ipnos.com There app's works on both smartphone, tablet and computer.

It's a sound generator and you can play one or more sounds mixed together as you like. The volume must be set very low just to a level where it's almost not audible to you. I use it on my computer and it gives me some relief. On my iPad I can have it under my pillow when I go to sleep. Could be something for you.



Artdeuchars in reply to Karsten

When it comes to tinnitus every avenue must be explored.

Thanks for the tip.

Interesting the focus on alcohol and caffeine in this thread. I've never drunk coffee and I learnt early on that I don't like alcohol and it doesn't like me! However, I do like sugar and I've been noticing a spike in T when I've eaten a lot of sugar so was going to ask the same question of you all on that food. I'm trying to go sugar free, not only to see if it does affect T but to help my waistline! However, I'm rather lazy in the food prep dept so I'm struggling to get to it. It isn't coming off the 'to do' list though.

Artdeuchars in reply to lulu2608

I think it is impossible to go completely sugar free , so i am thinking you are cutting out refined sugar .

Best of luck on that one.


If you'd like the "official" BTA stance on food and drink, then check out our information sheet at


And don't forget, that everyone is individual. The research shows on a population level, caffeine doesn't have an effect on tinnitus. You try telling that to my dad, who reckons his is better since he switched to decaff coffee... :)

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

Hi Nic,

I tried quiting my daily coffee about 18 years ago. My T didn’t improve but I did learn it’s better to ween off the juice than quit cold turkey.

Your spot in about each person being unique. Our reactions to sugar are more connected to our genetic makeup.

I’m quite certain that powdered sugar is pure evil and bleached granular is not much better. The molicules are Brocken down so small, they pass through mucous membranes and trigger the white blood cell’s response. That can cause different inflammatory responses from different genome types.

Hi that's very true omg I love not to hear this sound again it can dive you made but iam.not give in hopefully they be a cure one day

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