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It’s me versus the monster.


Hi All, Hope you lot are ok. Me! Well I think I’m just starting to get used to my T and bang my monster say stuff you I’m going up to the next level. It’s not enough for it to make my life pure hell it like it knows when I’m just coping and says to it’s self my move. So it’s back to square one I know it sounds daft about the monster I assure you I’m not mad (well not yet anyway) but this scream in my head is really hard to cope with. My hearing aids do help but I only hope this monster gets what’s coming to it. That’s were the miracle person or persons come into it. One day guys one day we WILL be free. Good luck to each and every one of you. Jbradford

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We all wish the monster was dead. Long live all who fight against it!

Good on ya lad hope you’re ok Sid

I’m fine and hope you are too. I may be from Scotland but I’m all in favour of us all slaying St George’s dragon which is our tinnitus.

I’m your next door neighbour then being a Geordie Eh’ I think you mean St Andrew. Anyway I’m living in Bolton now.

St George of England was def one who slayed the dragon. St Andrew of Scotland was less adventurous. At end of day we all desire an end to our monster called tinnitus.

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I've an Aberdonain mother and one of my biggest wishes is to get well enough to go back to the beautiful area of my relatives ( it's a long way to walk from Nottingham !)

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I sincerely hope that you do make that journey one day soon to see your mother again. Best wishes and lots of good luck!

Hi my thoughts exactly you think your coping and this horrible thing ranks up ..we can only hope and pray for help one day. Take care.

Sometimes the best way to deal with Mr. annoying man is to ignore him. At least that’s what my wife dose to me. Fighting only makes it worse.

I find there are some spikes in my T that are me focusing on the symptom. I also find loud noise or stress triggers it other times. I’d like to divide and concor but so far, all that works is to mentally focus on a task. It affords me escapism. You can move your brain function out of the pre frontal cortex by achieving a flow state. Reference first, Arnold Lazerous “in the minds Eye” then : the university of Chicago study that coined the phrase.

It’s not a mirical cure but it’s our control over which parts of the brain we allow neurotransmission.

If there’s a traffic jamb on the grid, redirect traffic.

Best thing about flow states is that they release natural stimulants, enhancing nerve development.

The tragic juxtaposition of a cure is that I cannot imagine a more depressing future, say twenty years down the line, where a lot of us have lost the best years of our lives to this and then have to watch on as people take one pill a day or simple injection after a week.

Im not even sure I want to see that day. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to handle it. The feelings of why?!? Why?!? Why did I not get this 20 years later.

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I care about other people too, so I would be very happy if any folk in future years are spared from the curse of tinnitus.

Angela 🙂 xx

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