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Tinitus & otosclerosis

Hi there, ive just joined & would really like to hear from people who have been diagnosed with otosclerosis & also anyone who suffers with the dreaded tinitus.

So, Ive had tinitus for 10 or so years, It started as a quiet buzz, which was only present in a silent room, i now have it constantly, some days i feel like im going mad. I suffer with constant head aches, pressure in both ears, dizziness & vertigo.

5 years ago at 35 yrs old i gradually started to lose the hearing in my right ear, and after many tests & an MRI my ent consultant diagnosed me with Otosclerosis, 4 months on Im still trying to get my head around it, hence joining this group.

They’ve fitted me with a hearing aid which i dont wear, i just cant get on with it!

They’ve told me i can have surgery but there’s risks involved! Im confused & really need to hear from anyone who is going through the same thing, .,how do you cope with your tinitus? Do you wear a hearing aid? If so how long did it take to get used to it?

your experiences and advice will help me have a better understanding of these conditions .. thank you for taking the time to read this x

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Hi there. Sorry I’m slow to catch this post but I don’t use this community much as I have other things wrong around my body so tinnitus and vertigo are just part of the overall picture.

I have just learned (see my post further up) that I have s high riding jugular bulb - whatever that is - and that it’s answerable for the pulsatile tinnitus - which is actually the least bothersome type of tinnitus I have. But I don’t know if this is same as otosclerosis or not.

I do have some hearing loss in both ears and vertigo plus a really annoying constant high pitch tinnitus - but I don’t know if it accounts for that. I think I probably have Menieres.

Anyway I just wanted to reply to your post and to say you should go back to the audiologist and request to try other hearing aids until you find one you can get on with. This is their job after all!


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