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Sick pay or benefits


Hi All I’ve not worked now for nearly a year. first with hernia then more problems then early January my T went potty. So I’ve not worked for ages and to be honest I don’t even know if I could work again I’m not lazy before this happened I’ve worked all my life. I can live with my T but I really do struggle at times but I’m running out of my little bit of saving and money is becoming a big problem just wandering if I could claim so sort disability allowance or some other benefits. Please let me know your thoughts thanks guys

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Hi JR,

Sorry to hear things are a bit tough for you right now. I don't know anything about the benefits system but I had a quick search and found this online, which may be of some help to you.

Thanks Jim

Sorry to hear things are not so rosy right now. I presume you aren't currently employed and 'off sick'. Therefore your situation involves claiming something for disability or finding a job.

I'm in a similar situation and, based on what I've been through, I'm afraid to say I doubt you would be able to claim any disability benefits. The link provided before doesn't appear to be British. Here is a link to the website I've been through: (ESA) and where you would make an actual claim.

My situation is that I had a problem with my vision last summer so had to stop driving. At the time I was on a break from working (my last contract finished in Feb and I was choosing not to get a new contract to finish my degree). As I couldn't drive or see properly I obviously couldn't start searching for a new contract as planned in July. Following loads of waiting (hospitals huh!) and a few tests I was eventually diagnosed with MS in Oct. During the periods of waiting my vision improved to a point of being able to get around independently by bus but I didn't start driving again until I saw my 'proper' consultant in Dec.

I claimed ESA in July as I was planning to start looking for work then. I got paid pretty quickly but had to have an assessment for the ESA to continue. Originally it was booked for early Oct. When I got there I had just got the diagnosis and was told a doctor had to assess my ESA claim now. The appointment was rescheduled. At the new appointment I saw a physiotherapist (no disrespect but I didn't think they were on a par with doctors). His opinion was that I could go back to work and my ESA stopped. This was a week before I saw the consultant who put the condition into perspective so at the time the ESA was stopped I still didn't have a personal prognosis for my condition or know how it would affect my working ability. The physio asked me to bend down, reach up, walk a short way, asked how my condition affected me going about, if I'd been sectioned (!), but didn't ask any questions related to work, how it affected my work, my ability to work, what I was doing about work, what I needed to be able to get back to work. i.e. none of his questions related to work, only my ability to get about, be on my own, etc. You have to have 15 points of disability from the questionnaire to be able to get ESA. I came out with 0.

You can see the full claim form by following my link above but there are sections related to mental capacity, physical ability, vision, hearing, so in my claim I only completed the vision section. My tinnitus is bad and I've been down the medical road of MRIs, hearing aids, etc, but compared to my vision issue and the other questions on the ESA claim, is not 'worthy' for want of a better word of ESA.

Obviously I can only speak for myself, but considering what I went through I struggle to imagine how one would be able to have a good enough case for ESA with 'just' tinnitus, just like many have wondered how someone with a bad back gets it in the rogue stories heard on tv. I'm not trying to sound negative, or put down your situation, but to give you a realistic view from my experience.

I wish you well whatever you do next. :o)

Tinnitus is apparently ranked equivalently with mild back pain when it comes to assessing eligibility for benefits. I'd love to make some of these people listen to the unbelievable aural assault we have to put up with 24hrs a day.

Michael Lee's your man, he has experience of claiming & receiving ESA due to his T.

jbradford42 in reply to Ruud1boy

Cheers for that. It does P me off a bit I wish who ever makes the decisions to say mild back pain is the same as what I go through. Could have T just for 24hrs just to let them know. But having said that I would not wish this onmy worst enemy

Ruud1boy in reply to jbradford42

I've thought that many, many times. It would be cruel, but I'd be surprised if anyone was prepared to listen to the racket for 24minutes, never mind 24hrs.

Hidden in reply to Ruud1boy

Thank you Ruud1boy for your comments. I would like to clarify: I have never said I have claimed or received any benefits for my tinnitus. Anyone that would like advice about tinnitus and claiming ESA, please send me a private message as I will not be disclosing any information in the forum.

Contrary to what some people believe and I know this for a fact. When tinnitus is severe and the level is sustained or fluctuates in intensity to severe levels, it is regarded as a disability in the UK under our benefits system. However, a person has to fit a certain criteria and this will be investigated. Someone saying they have severe tinnitus won't get them very far. I can back this up with written information, that is up to date but will not post it in the forum.


Good luck Ruud1boy just keep marching on lad we’ll get through shxt.

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